Not all of us love exercising…

It could be you lack motivation, you’re happy with your physique and feel you don’t need to do any, or like me your mobility is a bit pants at times and can’t commit to a hard-core workout or a session at the gym.

So in lockdown I started looking for some apps that could help me on my better days that wasn’t going to make my body hurt too much. So these are my finds and I really like the flexibility of it.

Yoga for Beginners

If you want to use one of the already made workouts its free. But because I can’t do the ones that are too hard I paid a one off payment of ÂŁ3.49 so I could make my own workout. I have 9 poses in my workout. Each about 30 seconds.

I believe that if you can do it as often as your body let’s you then it then you will benefit from it .

Workout for women app

It has so many workouts, here i have clicked on the 7 minute beginner ones and you can see how many calories you’ll burn too. It’s free and I love an app that gives you something for free and it’s useful at the same time.

I have tried out this chair cardio and my mate who doesn’t have mobility issues did it too and she found it a workout in itself. As you can see there’s a range of exercises that target every part of your body.

I occasionally will use Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube and also some belly dancing videos as I can move my hips like Shakira.

What workouts do you like to do on a weekly basis?

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