I am grateful to all of you that have been loyal to me and reading each newsletter that I put out at the end of every month.


It has been a horrendous month if i am honest with you. I haven’t been able to properly concentrate i was by my poorly uncles bedside until he sadly passed away and then been helping my mum with arrangements as well as having paralysed legs it’s been a hard one. 

Not to blow my own trumpet but i think its took a strong woman in me to not crumble. I guess that comes from my truly amazing Mumma shes just some kinda wonderful.

I will try and keep up with my newsletters but if you can understand why I was unable to put more thought into this months.

On the upside its Autumn. Octobers my favourite month and in a couple of weeks it’ll be my birthday. 

So sod off now September if you kindly would….

yours most sincerely 

Holly 🙂


  1. You are more than strong by the sound of what you are going through and it’s understandable about the newsletters! (They are an added bonus anyway so we’re lucky to get them in the first place! 😂). It’s strange because I was only just thinking about your newsletters earlier as yours are the only ones I’m signed up for and I really enjoy them 😂 stay strong and take care of yourself! 💗xx

    1. You are so sweet Lucy. I just thought it was a added extra for people who like my blog and just to write a little page dedicated to the blog itself. I am glad you enjoy reading them it makes it worth while writing them to the small amount that are signed up. I hope you are ok babe sorry I’ve not kept up with staying in touch with you lately xxx

      1. I’m good thank you! I have good and bad days with my health but am glad its just staying that way and not any worse off 😂 although I went to see “it” in the cinema and have not slept since 😂 how are you today? 💗xx

      2. You’re brave for watching that 🤡 it would totally scare me to not sleep either. Make sure you give yourself enough rest days to look after you 😘 I’m ok today had a friend take me shopping. Wheeled around isn’t the same as walking I do miss it very much xxx

      3. I originally wanted to see it because I knew my dad was scared of clowns and he was completely fine and I was cowering the entire time 😂 thank you! I hope your friend and you had a lovely time, one day you will look back on these moments and they will be a distant memory, the only thing left will be strength you built up through it all. Don’t let it beat it you! 💗xx

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