GYST – Get your sh*t together

This approach I saw on Kalyn Nicholson’s YouTube channel a while ago and it really is a good thing to use in your life when needed.

So the GYST of it is when you are in a slump, or a bit of a dark place you need to get yourself back up to where you were…or better still.

There are 4 sections that you will need to cover in order to really have your Sh*t together

so let’s start with the first one which is CHORES

  • Organising items ( clean clutter) keep your areas as minimalistic as you can
  • Make up a clean bed. Nothing feels better than nice fresh sheets.
  • Clearing out your fridge and cupboards of out of date/unwanted food.
  • Get your hinch on and get cleaning each room in your house.

The next one is BEAUTY

  • Wash your hair, give it the attention it deserves with a mask/blowdry or even a cut.
  • Look after your skin with a cleanse/tone/moisturise/exfoliate/mask this goes for your body not just your face.
  • Fix up your nails whether it’s a trim, a manicure/pedicure or a lick of paint
  • If you have the luxury of going to a spa then go it will rejuvenate you.

Then we have GOAL SETTING

  • Check in on your weekly/monthly/yearly goals
  • Set yourself manageable ones – short term and long term
  • Make a dream board of all things you want to achieve
  • Meal prep or write a menu to stick to


You can RELAX

Knowing you got your sh*t together will not only make you feel better you won’t have to worry so much on the things you hadn’t done because in the 3 steps you just took you will have tackled them.

Hope you found todays post helpful and if you ever need it one day you know what to do

Hope your week is going great so far.

Til next time


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