Happiness is….

Having your christmas lights up and it looking all pretty ( fairy lights are apparent all year round in my house and garden, just not the christmassy type)

Seeing the most beautiful colours all over the sky before the sky goes black (no matter where you are it makes you smile in amazement)

Spending time with your friends and family is just priceless ( instant feel good)

Nearly peeing yourself with laughter ( we’ve all been there)

Finding something throughout the day that will make you smile (literally anything…from a book, TV show to someone you talk to)

Getting into a bath/shower after a long day (oh the relief)

Eating your favourite food ( explaining why you love it is enough to make you smile)

Hugging someone after a hard day and it just makes everything better ( i’m a hugger)

Singing along to the songs that you love (and put on repeat)

Snuggling down in bed under the covers in the warm (one of my favourite places)

Happiness doesn’t need to come from other people. Your happiness does not depend on anyone except yourself. Find the happy in every day, even in the little things.

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