Looking after yourself is so important. These I’ve collected for £1 each from my dearest friend amazon. A bubble mask for my face, some soften gloves for my paws and smooth heels foot balm for my feet obviously.

7th heaven if your listening, you make some amazing products.

So there’s taking care of the outside now we look at the inside.

There are pressure points all over our body. If you want to focus on the face here’s a diagram where you can see that each organ has a specific place…this also goes for when you have a breakout of spots it corresponds with that part of your body.

Reflexology and acupuncture focuses on those points too. Reflexology focuses on the hands and feet.

Just gently manipulating that part of your hand or foot can make such a difference from the outside in.

Not forgetting having a lovely shoulder massage from your other half if possible to release your aches and tense muscles.

Take some time to be kind to your body.

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