It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.

I have not been outside of my house/garden since lockdown. 

My Anxiety had been absolutely fine up until a few days ago when the night before I forgot to take my tablets and a ‘I can’t breathe’ moment just happened out of nowhere.  Luckily it only lasted about 10 mins tops and I was back to normal.
You’d think I would be more anxious in these unknown times but I’m keeping my mental health tip top.

Let me know if you’d like me to do a post on that.

My chronic fatigue had been laying dormant too only being very mild.
Last month I had a rather big flare up and landed me me in bed with zero energy,  lost voice, swollen glands for 3 days.

My Functional Neurological Disorder over the months since surgery have presented themselves differently.
Sometimes it’s pain in my joints and problems with moving.  Other times it could cause paralysis in parts of my body. Oh and brain fog too.  Where the words you wanna say just comes out wrong.  I’m blessed with each good day of my health.

My bladder was removed 14 months ago. The original stoma had to be redesigned and resited in January and I can honestly say I’ve been the happiest person because of the difference its made…for the better.

Happy Friday one and all.
Enjoy the sun this weekend ☀️

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