Yay its the 1st of March today

I know everyone has been saying their snowstorm hit a few days ago ours in the south hasn’t quite settled yet. Give it until the end of the day it will be a lovely blanket out there. I want a storm named after me, mind you it would be a mixture of sunshine for my happy times, showers for the emotional moments and thunder for when PMT hits.

So I like to think that all the crap things that may have occurred in your February or even your January can now be put away and start this month a fresh. With fresh goals, adventures to go on, people to visit, dreams to conquer, the list is endless.

The things I do want to do this month is:

  • To meet someone who for the past few weeks has been making me smile – I know his family so its not as if I will be meeting a complete stranger. He doesn’t mind that I am not in the best of health which is lovely that he accepts me as I am I just hope that something romantic becomes of it. He is 12 years older than me but I prefer someone a little older than me anyway.
  • I want to buy some bits for my bedroom as I hope in the next month to be back sleeping upstairs as we are having a stairlift put in. Bless my legs. So I am going to make sure my room is full of happy things so I look forward to coming up to it.
  • Start doing some more DIYs as I really like making things I see on Pinterest and give it a go myself. Think a trip to Hobbycraft or a spree online maybe in order. I’ll of course share with you my makings and step by step of how you can do it too.

I hope you all have some things that you want to accomplish in March – if not get out your pen and paper and start planning.

Stay wrapped up warm.

Til next time…


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