When you have a creative idea go with it.

I was led in bed last night unable to sleep and I thought I’m gonna have a little nosey on my blog, which led to me messing around with the theme.

I wanted something that was simple but practical and pretty at the same time. So in about an hour this is what I came up with.

This is what you will see when you click on www.holzieloves.co.uk. This was the last post I published before this one. So new posts will always be at the top. To the right there is a search bar and a light or dark mode depending what you prefer, I’ve given you as the reader a choice .Then to your left hand side you will see 4 lines, here you will see this…

Keep scrolling down and you’ll see this

My about me page and My podcast.

When you open up a blog post to read it you will see my face, a featured image of the title of the blog post, date published, categories/tags and then the actual blog post.

I have decided to just post when I feel inspired, I have a big list so I’ll be writing on a weekly basis. Just keep your eyes out for my posts.

Pressurising myself to bang out 3 blog posts a week without fail inbetween all the other bits I’m juggling just didn’t seem enjoyable and I always think that blogging or writing in general should be fun not a chore.

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See you in my next post xx

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