How to get organised

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The first thing that springs to my mind when i think organised is a calendar. This can either be in paper form on your wall or digitally on your phone. if you hate crossings out on your calendar then using your phone one would be better.

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Personally i think the best time to write out your to do list is the night before when its fresh in mind and you know you want to get stuff done. you can always take a little notepad with you and write on the go and organise it when you get home. The satisfaction is when you have everything ticked off your list.


Heres an example of a tidy phone. My phone to be exact. i find it’s better putting certain apps into folders then you know where to find them and your phone looks neat and clutter free. i am one of those that hates seeing loads of notifications too so i try to clean them up as soon as i receive them.


This goes for all the crap you have piled up here there and everywhere. As soon as you do your ironing pack it away. Same goes for paperwork put it in a file or in a drawer neatly and in some sort of order. Living in mess can be stressful if you don’t have a clue where things are.


Set yourself a timer when you need to get tasks done and then you will always be aiming to get it completed in that alloted time. I find this one comes in very handy.


I hope some of these have been helpful and you can put them to good use.


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