How to have a lovely chilled out day

When you don’t have a full on day take time to try and follow this. Of course you’ll need to adapt if you have a family to look after but you owe a day a week to have to yourself.

🌸 Enjoy the morning sunshine (open your blinds up) appreciate the light

🌸 Make your bed – spray it with mist

🌸 Get dressed up for you, not any other reason

🌸 Have healthy enjoyable meals

🌸 Enjoy a few quiet moments (watching or listening to something relaxing)

🌸 Read for a while

🌸 Do a chilled out hobby for example crafting

🌸 Taking a nap if your body needs it

🌸 Appreciate all that you’ve accomplished today no matter how big or small

🌸 Going on a walk somewhere quiet where you can be at one with all the nature around you

🌸 Unwind after your evening meal. Don’t do anything strenuous, if you must do exercise choose something like yoga or pilates.

🌸 Enjoy a soak in the bath or shower, the choice is yours

🌸 Adjust your lighting being small lamps and fairy lights and candles if you know you’re not going to nod off

🌸 Listen to some soft music/ guided meditation / podcasts until your eyes start to shut. You can have all these things on a sleep timer

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