For old readers and new i thought this would be an easy read and since its baking hot today it’ll just be what comes to mind, as i love to blog and publish on the same day. like keeping it fresh…so here goes


LOVES : Spending time with others who make me feel alive (happy, giggly and loved)

HATES : Backstabbers, gossips and fakery – they are just the worst

CANT: Go a day without eating either cheese or chocolate…oh or mayo

CAN: be there for those who need me and perk someone up when they are feeling down.

WILL NEVER: Give up when my illness is trying to irritate the hell out of me.

HAS: Been on a rough journey through life (bullying, sexual abuse, divorce of parents, lost my brother and chronic illness) and still i smile though it all.

CANT WAIT TO: Get my writing head back on and write and publish a book suitable for everyone – self help me thinks

HAS NEVER: Tried drugs, i mean each to their own but it doesn’t float my boat or appeal to me in any way.

WISHES: There was a cure for Cancer and Dementia as its two of the most cruelest diseases ever.

TRIED: To learn to drive but i had bad anxiety and just lost all confidence. Give me a road with nobody else driving on it and i’ll be fine.

USUALLY FORGETS: what i go upstairs for, then come back downstairs to then remember. so annoying.

WILL PROBABLY END UP: that old bird with a pink rinse and probably a perm.

IS THANKFUL FOR: all the thoughtful people i have in my life, the roof i have over my head and the things we all take for granted like our phones and laptops.

Anyway, there you have it, i guess you know me a little better than you did before.

Til next time


  1. Aaahhh Holz, such a good read!! Some comments made me smile knowingly and others made me stop and think. Always enjoy your blogs 😍 xxxx

    1. Becks 😘 can’t believe you’ve come to read my blog. So glad you enjoyed the read. Glad I made you smile chick xxxx

  2. Love this post and it is great that you stay positive! I love the new haircut too, it looks awesome on you. Absolutely gorgeous, bet with these summer months too, it feels so much cooler.

    1. You’re so sweet TJ 😘It definitely is easier to manage… Need to wear a hat in the garden to protect my neck or just sit in the shade. Glad you enjoyed reading it hun xxx

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