I needed a healthy kick up the bum

I couldn’t do it any longer. i was just comfort eating for the hell of it and when i was sad food was there and when i was happy it was also there.

So Monday i decided that i needed to change my way of eating and the only way is being on a plan of some sort. i searched the internet and i decided to go on the Weight Watchers diet as it was flexible but has structure too.

I’m all signed up for 6 months. i have a stone to lose that crept on. The 3 factors are Surgery, locdown and the pill i was on.

Here are a few meals throughout the week i took pics of. i will update you in my next post of how i did for the week.

Greek yogurt, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry πŸ˜‹

Turkey drummers, cous cous and Tender broccoli πŸ—

Chicken and Mediterranean vegetables πŸ₯•

Mini breakfast πŸ₯“

Jumbo fish fingers, cauliflower rice and tenderstem broccoli πŸ₯¦

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