If you been following me a while you would know I adore the colour pink. It makes me happy. Well on a day I need cheering up I thought why not write a post on my fave pink things.

Above you will see my iPad which is rose gold on a pink mobile phone holder and a pink wireless keyboard.

iPad from PC World £250 Phone holder £8 and keyboard £11.99 from Amazon

This is my only pink mug but even if it wasn’t it would be my favourite. It’s not too big and it’s perfect for my hot chocolate and I love the quote on the front it screams I mean business

I got it in a box from a Instagram account @jessiespickmeupboxes you should go and check her out she does some lovely boxes if you fancy cheering yourself up.

If it’s a nice shade pink I tend to wear it over any other nail polish shade. This fuchsia one is the first gel nail bottle I got and it actually stays put until I think oh bugger I’ve got a big regrowth.
This came in a pack from Amazon it’s called Modelones and it was in a set of 6 for £9.99

These Converses are nearly 6 years old. I had them as a present for my 30th Birthday from my Brother and his Girlfriend and they wanted to get me something I could cherish a lifetime and i certainly do with these. I think personalised Converse or Vans are about £70 and I think they are so cool as they have my nickname on the back. Nobody else has these and I love that.

This is the blanket box under my bedroom window and I adore it, it looks simple but cosy and a little bit of me. With the pink throw, some random cushions,the H initial,some fake flowers and the mannequin. I love to just sit here and gather my thoughts, read or just nosey out the window.
Most bits are from Primark or The Range but are not in there now as I’ve had them about 4 years. So they are getting a bit vintage.

Lastly these are my favourite type of flower, they are called Gerbera. They are a kind of Daisy and you will find these in your local supermarkets so you don’t have to go to a fancy florist or anything. They keep about 2 weeks sometimes more which is also a win win. They come in alsorts of colours but you guessed it I like mine in pink.

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