I spend most of my time being indesisive when it comes to what to buy and end up getting stuff i didn’t really need but i bought it on a whim. So i thought i would show you a few bits that are on a list to buy but will treat myself at some point.

I love anything thats going to send me off to sleep and this looks like the perfect little gift set…What would have made it perfect though is a hot water bottle in there too. For a tenner though thats not bad at all.

I love flamingos. Such a pretty bird. This one would just look so cool in our garden but at the moment its ok but i would have to see how it would weather in the winter or he would have to live in the shed from September til February. Its £31 so its an investment piece so i’ll have to seriously think. Think a nosey at the reviews is a good idea.

I mean what female doesn’t love a bit of pink stationery. Just looking at this set makes me happy. You only get that happy feeling if you are a stationery addict. The only reason i haven’t leaped atthe chance of buying it is the price of £14.99 which i think is a bit steep for bic but i wont rule it out i will just wait until it goes down in price.

The only shade of eyeshadow i wear is purple as it compliments my green eyes and i am not one to do crazy eye looks so this Nip + Fab palette is perfect. Well it could do with some more lilacs but i think the other shades are workable. Its a really reasonable price of £7.77 so it won’t break the bank.

I already have a rainbow pendulum but this is just what a pinkaholic like me needs. They are great for using with your tarot cards or just asking questions and seeing if it says yes or no. Mine hasn’t failed me yet. This is £7.99 so i think it won’t be too long and it’ll be purchased and i’ll be using it.

Lastly are this set of 4 tweezers. By the looks of them they have different points so you can tame your brows as you like. Mine aren’t that bushy i tend to not get too much of a growth so i think these might be a just incase buy. They aren’t that expensive either £5.03 to be exact so i don’t know how good they would be but they’ll be worth a try.

There you have it a nosey into some of the bits i’m tempted to get.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re all well.

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