What happens when you have so much to say and things to share to help your readers but it just won’t fit into a blog post. That’s where my new idea comes in.

I thought that I could include a monthly newsletter at the end of each month…

Full of things to inspire, motivate and make you laugh

It will start the end of march… I hope to get some people interested to make it worthwhile doing it

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    1. It’ll just come into your head and you’ll have tonnes to write down. Go on mail chimp and pick the free business plan it’s pretty self explanatory hun xxx

      1. Oh alright I wasn’t sure what programs were out there that are easy to operate! I have researched a lot but I didn’t know how easy it was! I am really not a very technical or professional person when it comes to these things, but I will definitely check out mailchimp! Thanks so much for the advice! ❤️

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