Sunday afternoon just gone i was really not feeling too grand. I hadn’t made it out of my pyjamas, but after all it was Sunday.

Mum was due back at 3pm but by the time she walked through the door tears streaming down my face unable to move nothing but my mouth and said ‘ Mum it’s came back again ‘

Off i went to hospital via the blue light brigade – an ambulance.

The full body paralysis reared it’s ugly head and i wish i could of shook it off but 12 hours later and it had subsided.

My legs have been paralysing every day but im able to move my toes and feet while sitting which is better than nothing.

The really crap thing is there’s no cure for this paralysis malarkey. If it does the whole body I’m back in hospital again until it gets the hint it’s not wanted and sods off.

I’m in a ward full of old ladies but i don’t mind i have them smiling and laughing most days.

Discharge date from the hospital i can’t wait as mums food is way way better and i can have peace and quiet.

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  1. That sucks that thereโ€™s no cure ๐Ÿ˜“ but this post was a really well written and honest piece of writing. Hope youโ€™re doing well xx

    My new blog post here; ๐Ÿ’—

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