Sorry to disappoint, I still haven’t found Mr right, or met Mcfly nor am I pregnant 😂 I just like a good lyric in a song.

It’s time to think about you, put yourself first and focus on what you would like in life. If you wish to make a better life for yourself…then invest in you whether it’s money or time

You spend the most time in life with yourself so what’s stopping you?

Too many of us think life is a race and who is going to get to a certain point first, but truth is we just need to take the first step right in front of us, focus on one step at a time and be proud of what we can accomplish.

It’s great to have a heart full of love and to give that love to others, but you have to remember you. You deserve so much love from yourself. Self love, self acceptance and self confidence is such a attractive trait to own. So please owe it to yourself.

This is a selfless act and you should have this instilled in you. Do not let anyone treat you like a mug or a piece of poo on your shoe. You deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. Don’t forget that.

Til next time

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