It’s M.E awareness week

I’ve had this illness for 6 years now and sometimes I look normal and you wouldn’t have a clue I was poorly. Other times you can physically see I’m not right.

These are the symptoms I have when it flares up…which was recently when I complained on here of a lost voice…that was M.E rearing its ugly head.

These kind of illnesses still need to be recognised – some people have developed M.E after other illnesses or shocks to their system.

It affects anybody at any age.

Its a manageable but not curable illness.

So some days I’m doing good and some not so great. That’s just the nature of living with M.E.

3 thoughts on “Its not just feeling tired

  1. Hi Holly!
    Nice to discover another M.E.-person on WordPress. šŸŒž
    Hadn’t found anyone else, til now.
    (I first went down with it 33 years ago.)
    Hope you have a good week!šŸ™

    1. Hey Ken
      There are a few of us on here.
      Glad you stumbled across my blog so now I can follow you too.
      Hope your as well as you can be and hope you’re weeks going good too xx

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