It’s M.E awareness week

I’ve had this illness for 6 years now and sometimes I look normal and you wouldn’t have a clue I was poorly. Other times you can physically see I’m not right.

These are the symptoms I have when it flares up…which was recently when I complained on here of a lost voice…that was M.E rearing its ugly head.

These kind of illnesses still need to be recognised – some people have developed M.E after other illnesses or shocks to their system.

It affects anybody at any age.

Its a manageable but not curable illness.

So some days I’m doing good and some not so great. That’s just the nature of living with M.E.


  1. Hi Holly!
    Nice to discover another M.E.-person on WordPress. 🌞
    Hadn’t found anyone else, til now.
    (I first went down with it 33 years ago.)
    Hope you have a good week!🙏

    1. Hey Ken
      There are a few of us on here.
      Glad you stumbled across my blog so now I can follow you too.
      Hope your as well as you can be and hope you’re weeks going good too xx

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