Gone are the days where people simply sat down at a desk or a, table and wrote in a book… I mean I still do it but things started to consume our lives….and get in the way.

Making sure your phone is fully charged so you can scroll through the whole of Instagram liking pics of peoples lives instead of creating your own life.

Having your ego boosted by how many likes /loves and whatever Emoji you have. Sure it can make you happy temporarily but is it that important to you. Personally I just share and if I get comments and likes then I do it’s not a goal I aim for like some do.

Sometimes it even gets in the way of relationships. Do you ever think would you be able to spend a week say with your significant other with no social media interaction. You love them more I’d hope to put it aside for the time you spend with them.

Social media isn’t going anywhere soon so do yourself a favour and look away for a bit. Don’t consume this thing we call life by obsessing over someone else’s.

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    Nobody saw social media coming and taking over our lives. But it happened. What is worse, is about to come which is exhibited by a 2013 movie “Her”. The unique “human” in each and every single one of us is going to be dug deeper into this “social” anything. I hate making any predictions but having lived for 49 years on this planet Earth (and 3 continents), I have made some of my own observations (if not conclusions).

    To some extent, (as a geek) I am myself responsible for spreading technology worldwide for more than 32 years now. As you might have heard, its the use (or abuse) of the technology that makes it useful, not its invention itself. After almost 50 years of spending my life to learn (and turn) any negative thing into positive, its only lately I have started to observe Negative Nellys via social media and actually come off like one sometimes 🙂 lol

    I feel like bearing some sort of responsibility to give back to this world after bringing too much automation, ease of use and making them get used to “one click” lifestyle instead of making them work hard (and sweat) on something and feeling the fruits of achievement.

    Oh God! this (usually brief) Amir is getting too verbose now-a-days. Probably a sign of many things to come 🙂

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