I was in the hospital a total of 11 days and came home 2 days ago. It’s been the most scariest time of my life and never want to go through it again.

Here is an update from my last post Hospital bound 

I had to undergo an MRI scan of the brain and then it was decided to do a spinal one too. Luckily it showed nothing untoward. They said your brain and spine is perfect…however it didn’t explain why my both my legs were paralysed for nearly 5 days.

Once my legs started moving again I didn’t know that I couldn’t just hop down off my hospital bed and walk about like I did before. I have to learn to walk all over again. I’ve had physio in the Hospital whilst I was a patient there. The only way I can explain is that my legs and feet feel like they don’t belong to me.

I need support of a walking stick to get me around the house and it’s exhausting just going from one room to the next. I always thought that it was older people who needed a stick to get about. However , really couldn’t do without it at the moment.

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I only use the stairs to come downstairs in the morning and up to bed at night it is just too much for me at the moment. It’s a good job I have good upper body strength or else I’d be in a right state. My Mum has to watch me go up and down incase I take a tumble.

Something so simple as walking can be taken away from you just like that and I’m fortunate that I am starting to walk again some people never will. So my message is Don’t take things for granted. Things are sent to try us all.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re home again. Hopefully they’ll figure out what happened! In the meantime, focus on yourself, and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery xxxx

  2. Happy to hear your back home! You must be so relieved to be out of the hospital, good but annoying your scans didn’t show anything, I hope you do find out what caused this but in the meantime rest and wishing you all the best with your physio and healing, lots of love 💗

    1. Bless you Lucy. I am relieved to be home got my comforts here. Plus the food is 10 times better. Just hope I’m not like this for a long time but I guess it’ll take as long as it does to recover xxx

  3. You’re a fighter! ❤ I hope you’ll get well SOON, Holly! Just one step at a time and you’ll get there. Anyway, this is a beautiful post with a great message btw. True, we shouldnt take things for granted — even the littlest of things.

    1. What a sweet message 😘 means the world. Each day different some harder than others but I’ll get there like you said. We do take so much for granted and until something happens that makes you look at life differently xxx

  4. Holly not just your posts but you as a person are a prime example of majestic motivation & inspiration, thanks sharing such an insightful thought of not taking things for granted & the way you connected it with your life was truly incredible. Due to the problem in your legs, you may find it difficult to climb up & down the stairs, but just want to convey that because of the kind of person you are, you’ll always climb the highest podium in my eyes with the utmost respect. I sincerely hope that you recover as soon as you possibly can, may you continue to smile & touch the lives of others, the way you have touched mine. <3 🙂

    Warm Regards,

    1. Bless you Sid. This is such a lovely message to receive this morning and thank you for always being supportive. Still early days but I’ll get there eventually xx

      1. Don’t mention it, Holly, that’s what friends are for 🙂 I’m equally thankful to you for the kind of person you are & the grace with which you exhibit the magnificence of your thoughts. The way you carry yourself taking your problems in your stride really inspires me. I’ll always be hoping for your speedy recovery & I too am sure that you’ll get there some day soon. When you fully recover I certainly wouldn’t mind if you send me a cake as a way of celebrating your complete recovery 😉 Lol. I ain’t ever giving up hope on receiving cake from you, you too don’t ever give up hope on your full recovery 🙂

        Warm Regards,

  5. I’m a mostly wheelchair user now and use walking sticks the rest of the time so understand especially about the stairs which are my nemesis!!! Hope you are soon back to walking around xx

  6. I’m so sorry you are going through this. It sounds extremely scary, and I couldn’t even imagine if something like this happened to me. I think we often take for granted things like the use of our arms or our legs. I was actually thinking about this the other day because I know a girl who was paralyzed from the waist down after a bad car accident. She is wheelchair bound and can never walk again. I was also thinking about some shark attack programs I’ve watched in which survivors had their arms or legs bitten off, and it’s truly life changing. Just try to stay positive and hopefully you have a quick recovery.

    1. Thank you for the message Britney. It isn’t until something happens to you and then you can’t do the simple stuff you were able to does it make you think how much we take for granted.
      I’m ever so grateful that the feeling has come back in my legs but I dunno if the paralysis will happen again. Just need to keep positive. Xxx

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