I was absolutely thrilled when Jess from IGH Crystals sent me some spiritual things through the post. At the moment she only has a Instagram account where she has some amazing bits for sale if you are into spirituality like me. In the near future Jess is going to be opening an Etsy shop which I think is amazing. In the meantime click here -> IGH CRYSTALS ON INSTAGRAM

So let’s have a look at the lovely things I received

These two stunning crystals – Rose Quartz and Amethyst

Rose quartz is the stone of love, it’s the one I’m most drawn to. It supports the heart chakra, heals emotion, encourages self love, it is also known to warn off headaches too.

Amethyst is the peace and healing stone. It brings calmness and clarity into your life, so it is known to relieve anxiety and stress. It’s also the Crystal for February too.

I was so blown away with this candle it’s so pretty, I love how simple but lovely the design is on the outside. When people see it they will automatically know where it’s from and go searching.

Inside is again my two favourite stones, Jess did ask me what ones I feel drawn to. It’s scent is vanilla which is perfect because I love anything with a vanilla smell. It has glitter in it too as you can see. Once you’ve got down so far on the candle you’ll be able to retrieve the crystals and use them as you wish. It’s such a great idea.

This little buddha is so cute I think that anyone in touch with their spiritual side has one or wants one. It’s small enough to put anywhere, even in your pocket if you want put I thought by this frame I have

I now have a new daily bracelet this rose quartz one. It is elasticated so it’ll fit perfect round any wrist and the little tree pendant on it is really lovely.

Lastly are two things I’ve never had and that’s sage incense and an incense holder. The last time I had incense sticks was when I was about 12 and i burnt my desk and my parents said no more. So here I am in my 30s now allowed. Sage is for cleansing and purification. Most people do a ritual on a new and full moon and use sage. So I look forward to using mine.

The holder is fab. It holds 4 sticks has a buddha on it and has stars too. I think I’ll just stick to one stick at a time.

I will definitely be getting some more bits from Jess.

Please support small businesses at this time, it’s vital they stay afloat just as much as the bigger shops too.

Thanks for stopping by to read.

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