I am only just getting into finding out about all things spiritual.

You see i have had alot of upset in my life of late and i am one to be positive and at peace with things as you all know.

Its come to mind that when i want a bit of a a chill out sesh and not sleep just to get in a different mindset i thought I’d try out some spiritual stuff so I’m just as new to it as you.

I have found 12 gemstones i want to get that have different meanings and properties to them.

Here they are

  • Onyx- Blocking negativity, patience, determination
  • Rose Quartz- unconditional love, emotional healing, compassion
  • Amethyst- Intuition, balance, higher wisdom
  • Opal- inspiration, creativity, aids pain
  • Citrine- Brightness, positivity, clearing
  • Lapis Lazuli- psychic vision, celestial energy, nobility

  • Topaz- affection, sweetness, disposition
  • Aquamarine – luck, fearlessness, protection
  • Jade – purity, friendship, peace
  • Garnet- Self esteem, victory, eternal love
  • Bloodstone- Alignment, Generosity, good fortune,
  • Agate – self confidence, mental strength, calmness

I really want to get all 12 but need to find a decent place to find them. I truly do think if you believe in the magic of them they can work for you.

Til next time

3 thoughts on “spiritual gemstone/crystals

  1. As someone who collects crystals, I can promise you all of those are amazing choices. I also carry Moonstone when I feel I need more feminine energy. Shungite is good when you want to feel strong and protected. It’s good for repelling negativity too.
    Love this post!

    1. I am actually going to get my brothers girlfriend some too as she wants to get into spirituality too. Ooo i may get some moonstone. I find it all fascinating xxx

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