I believe you need these 5 types of people in your life to have it kind of balanced and with a bit of variety.

The Inspired

Someone who you look up to for what they do and would love to do that for the greater good and for themselves . They make you go yes I want that. They spur you on without them actually knowing. They are admired from afar.

The Passionate

Someone who is really into something and puts their absolute all into making it as perfect as they can. This is done with love as well as effort because they are so passionate about it. They generally give out a real positive aura. They are just lovely people to be around.

The Motivated

Someone who wakes up in the morning with their goals set and their aim is high. They want to smash each and every one of their goals. Then when they are completed, a new list begins. They thrive on being kept busy and love a challenge. Motivational people are great at helping others other than just themselves.

The Grateful

Someone who has a big heart sees the beauty in most things and appreciates the small things as much as the big. They don’t ask for much in life, just happiness and that warm feeling from something or somebody.

The Open Minded

Someone that doesn’t really judge. Who has time for peoples opinions and won’t frown upon them if they are a little bit different. Who you can have a conversation with about something random and the won’t look at you like you have two heads.

Life would never be boring, each and every one would be different and see life in different perspectives.

I’m pretty sure if you look amongst your friends, you will find all five. If you don’t go out and look for them. Live a fruitful life.

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