Little things mean a lot – Small changes

Try looking at things differently and those things you once saw will change

Once in a while its good to step things up a little and see if making small changes in your life will benefit you…i think they will in the long run. 


Below there are some examples you may like to give a go

  • Making to do lists daily and then crossing the completed tasks off is weirdly satisfying.
  • Make your bedroom a phone free zone as soon as you unwind for bed you’ll sleep so much better.
  • Keep a memory book or journal to store happy times you can look back on and smile at.
  • Don’t keep clothes you don’t wear give them to someone who will appreciate them and actually make use of them.
  • Laughter is the best medicine. Its so addictive. You can have as much of it as you want and the side effects are amazing.
  • Create playlists that motivate you, make you smile and bring back good times. Make a CD of them if possible.
  • Do something nice for someone else, even if you don’t know them. Like a random act of kindness. Instant feel good thing.




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