I have been taking care of my mental health of late. I mean I always do but since it was mental health awareness day back on the 10th it really made me think how I could help myself.

My anxiety is probably the worst thing when it comes to mental health problems. I have random attacks and most of them can’t be explained with rhyme or reason so I try and help the best I can.

I like to think that just out the back garden where I can see nature is a calming place for me. When there’s no distracting sounds and all you can hear is the rain, the birds tweeting or the trees rustling. Its lovely.

I have started to be more mindful so when I am eating my lunch I will put on some music with no words just pure sound of someone’s talented hands/ fingers playing an instrument. Appreciate the sound and also enjoy every bite of my meal.

Loving a nice hearty stew this weather.

I am trying to watch things that will do me good and not make me sad. So I’m staying away from the News for sure. If you have any positive and happy videos send the link my way.

I love listening to a good podcast. The self help ones are great for your mental health and there really is so many topics. I have my own positive podcast if you want to listen to any of them then click here -> STAY POSITIVE TOGETHER I do them weekly on a Tuesday

When I go to bed I like the lights to be down low and also any screens are turned onto night mode so its kind to my eyes. I have my new humidifier, oil defuser come night lights going and that really soothes me.

These are some of the colours.

I put on my insight timer app and find a guided meditation or talk on whatever I feel I need help with. It has endless topics it covers all to do with looking after the inside of you as well as the outside. For the past year or so I’ve been using the free version and it is very handy indeed.

These are some that have helped me of late and they aren’t too long so you can fit them into your day.

I hope you’ve been looking after your mental health too.


  1. I wanted to write a mental health related post on the 10th but my mental health wasn’t good enough to do so. Sounds about right, eh? I suffer from everything from Bipolar Disorder to Anxiety. I feel knowing what I have is important and can help me master my life in a healthy, positive way. Your advice here is very good!

    Sukeban AK (Angie) | https://sukebanak.blogspot.com/

    1. I’m glad that you have stumbled across my blog i try and help people if I can. You can do anything you want if you work on yourself enough xxx

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