Happy Monday everyone….

On the 22nd of August I decided i wanted to be a redhead….I didn’t know if it was going to stay in my hair….

Here’s the proof it did, this was 2 months in. A little bit of fading and some rootage but other than that you could still see i was a redhead. So it just got to the point where I thought it needs to be done again so that’s what happened on Sunday.

Today is 3 months on. I can’t get over how long it’s got in those 3 months either. I have a theory and it works of keeping the colour in. I use luke warm water when shampooing and try to only wash it twice a week. Dry shampoo comes through when I need it.

If you’ve always wanted to dye your hair red I’d go for it as long as you’re not intending to be blonde after a few months. Red is a tough colour to get rid of. I always use Garnier vibrant Red and I’m very impressed.


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