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I actually can’t get over that its the end of March….this year is going so damn fast. You know this is one of my favourite types of posts to write – reflecting on the joyful things from the 3rd month.

  – So lets jump on in



I only bought this on Friday but I already have fallen in love with it. Primark are smashing it with their fragrances. This was £8 for 100ml – such a summery/ romantic scent. Definitely a must for an everyday perfume. I think I am going to have to get an atomiser so i can have some in my bag as the bottle is rather large.


This is a beaut of an album. Burlesque is one film I could watch time and time again, wishing I could dance like that. Cher and Christina are fab in it. The songs have quite a sensual beat. Different…but I like different. My favourite song has to be… The beautiful people.



I have mentioned Fearne on my blog a few times of late…only because I think she is an awesome human being. I love her outlook on a calm/reflective life. She has a pretty cool podcast out ‘Happy Place’ that never disappoints as she delves into the lives of some well-loved celebs. I follow her on Instagram too. Her stories on there are so relatable and that’s why I think I like her.

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This is new to me was never partial to a sausage (stop laughing) only a vegetarian one but for the last few times we have been out for a meal I have opted for a nice Cumberland one or two. Pair them with egg and chips and a dollop of mayo and it’s a real yummy dish. A bit unhealthy but everyone deserves a treat.

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I had been having some issues with my iPhone 6s for a while with the battery needing to be charged 3/4 times a day. I just had enough and found out how much was owing on my contract. It wasn’t a great deal so I upgraded to a Samsung and waved bye-bye to Apple. However, he is now more of a camera/iPod than a phone. The Samsung S8 is really fantastic I love the ease of it and the extras you can do on there and not on the iPhone. I obviously had to get it in pink cos that’s my colour.



This is such a simple quote but has a big meaning. I think that ordinary is boring and if you have something different to you than anyone else that’s what makes you extraordinary.

I hope you all have had a good March

Thanks for stopping by, til Next time…


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