I have seen online and on the news all about the struggles that so many people are having at the moment and it’s struggling with their mental health in one way or another.

I myself have suffered with my anxiety since March and I know that being a bit creative always helps.

So today I found this book that I’ve had for a few years and thought I want to use it but I don’t know what for…..Then I thought I know, I’ll make a MENTAL HEALTH BULLET JOURNAL.

It’s a pocket sized book so I can put it in whatever bag I want. I believe I got it from The Range for under a fiver

I wanted to start it off all about me so I done an A to Z of me that I’d done a while back and copied it into my new book.

So I guess you can kind of get a jist of my personality from this page.

Then I found a page about success and I thought it was a real positive thing to keep in my head. I did bugger up a bit on trying to squeeze in the words, as you can see. The things you can control page I really like, sometimes you just need a reminder of all the things are in your control.

At the moment I’ve kept it looking simple as I’m no artist. Who knows as I go through it I may improve.

Next I wanted to focus on self care and self love for those days when maybe a little bit of that is much needed.

There’s so much more you could add on these pages but I’ve only got so much space so I did what I could.

I love finding methods to help get through a spot of bother so the stop one is really useful and then I thought I’d put a positive quote on the opposite page.

I hope you’ve found some helpful information in the pages I’ve shared so far.

If you want to do anything to help with your mental health problems then try and do one of these.


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