Today I thought it would be a good idea to look at Stress and how we can survive it with some simple but effective steps.

First time doing a table on here hope it’s come out ok.

Talk about whats
stress you out
Get a healthy
amount of sleep
Engage in positive self talk
Keep a stress journal Move your body Practice saying
‘No’ more
Prioritise your timeGet your nutrients Take a break from
Social media
Write lists and what
needs to be done by when
Deep breathing Accept that stress
is a normal part of life
Break big tasks into
manageable smaller steps
Relax muscles Try mindfulness
Set healthy habits and rituals Take a napLet yourself rest and not burnout
Ask for helpListening to calming
Mental health
comes first
Consider a counsellor Take a bathGive yourself time to just be

Note these down as I guarantee they will help you along the way of any stressful situation you may encounter.

I hope you’ve had a positive start to the week and remember to try and smile daily.

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