Its Monday, the beginning of a new week and most of us get that immediate feeling of dread of oh no its Monday. Yes it’s the end of a weekend where you probably could relax a bit more and enjoy a bit of freedom but now its the start of a brand new week and it should be exciting and not mundane.

If you have these 3 things then great if not they would be worth investing in

A collection of Sticky Notes


A Diary to keep events in etc


A Planner Pad


  • With your sticky notes write some positive affirmations on there to get you in  fabulous mood for the week ahead. No matter how silly you think they are if they are going to perk you up and make you feel good its worth it every time.
  • Keeping a diary is one of the best things you can do. Not only can you put in things that you can look forward to but also the things that have made you happy. One productive thing no matter how small should be noted. The little things can become the big things one day.
  • You can pick these planner pads up pretty cheap i think mine was £2 from Wilkos.  They are really good if you need a kick up the bum to get chores done. Kind of like a to do list but with a much better layout and looks prettier than a tatty piece of paper.


I have gathered a few motivational quotes on this slideshow especially for getting you in the mood for Mondays…You can also follow my Motivational board over on Pinterest.


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Remember it doesn’t have to be a Monday to get motivated it just helps start the week off fresh. That’s the way i look at it.


Have a fab week …



  1. I got my mum that diary for Christmas! 😄 I really want to get a planner, Tkmaxx have so many quirky ones. I love the idea of sticking up notes of Positive quotes and agree that you can get motivated any day of the week not only on monday but it’s nice to start off fresh with a new outlook! Have a lovely day! 😄💗

    1. I love the diary it’s so different to any others I’ve had. Ooo I’ll have to nosey in TK the next time I’m passing. Happy Monday hun and here’s to a fab rest of the week 😘💗

    1. I feel so much more motivated since I bought mine. Might experiment with different styles and see which one I get on with. Which style do you get on with best? Xx

    1. I love my planner pad it’s definitely made me do things instead of saying I’ll do it and then don’t. Paperchase and Etsy do some beautiful ones xxx

      1. Pleasure is mine to go through your posts. The week has been good so far (Though being caught up with boring stuff at office, the luxurious Sunday still seems to be light years away at the moment lol) hope you & your family are having a week that is as incredible as your posts though 🙂

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