If you want something enough you will go through fire and water to get it….thats one of my Mums sayings.

As you know i am doing yoga as and when to keep the outside of my body and the inside of my mind in sync.

I’m also working on the inside. Not so much what I weigh, just eating healthier as I know for a fact I haven’t been eating the best.

So our shopping list was full of fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. I have a Pinterest board with some lovely ideas of some yummy but healthy plates of food. I just can’t wait to recreate them for myself.

I don’t want to give up on it and undo any hard work I would have done. I think it’s all about portion sizes and still having something nice but making it the healthier option instead.

It’s so easy to say oh bugger it, its the weekend. When you are well on your way with your healthy eating. You can give yourself a tiny treat then and not one big blow out.

Wish me luck in a healthier way of eating…my body will be screaming Where’s the chocolate and cheese I’m used to having daily.


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