My Exercise Routine 

Some of you may know I suffer with a few chronic illnesses. If you didn’t you do now. Sometimes it stops me from doing my every day tasks and sometimes it says go ahead knock yourself out… literally.

Anyway I have always tried since I got ill to do a bit of exercise since I can’t do the gym anymore like I used to so here’s a look at what I’m incorporating into my exercise routine throughout the week.


I can’t do more than 5 full sit ups without getting knackered but this awesome Smart Wonder Core Multi Gym let’s me do at least 20 on a good day you can change the resistance on it to work yourself a bit harder or go easy which I like. You can use it on any part of your body but I use it for my tummy.


I have always loved doing a spot of yoga…still need ALOT of practice but it really zones you out and you just need to concentrate on what you’re doing and forget the worries you’ve got that’s what I do. I have been following a yoga routine on YouTube: Yoga With Adrienne. She has so many different videos for different parts of your life you need help with and I do this daily if I can.


I have had a hula hoop for a few years and in the summer I’d get it out in the garden and fool about with it but I have a few friends that are really good at it and share videos online and it has made me want to take hula hooping a bit more serious. So I’ll be starting right from the beginning and fingers crossed I can report back that I’ve managed to do at least one…ha ha.

Here’s my hoop and I found this lady Deanne Love earlier this week so I’m hoping her videos will be beneficial.

and here is one of my outfits I wear in the comfort of my own home.

I don’t aim to be skinny just get my womanly curves back and enjoy doing it at the same time.

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