This is a 90s edition

I have probably watched these films more than 10 times, which in my eyes is a well loved film. I between the ages of 5 and 15 in the 90s so i watched some pretty varied ones. So here are my pick….

This year alone i have watched Pretty woman about 3 times. I adore both of these as their characters and as people. Richard Gere is the eye candy and Julia my legs come right up to here Roberts just make perfect viewing and its a really good story too. Spoiler if you never watched it….she dreams of the fairy tale (being rescued) and guess what he makes her dreams come true ( and rescues her right back ).

Oh how i wish Heath was still here, he was a dish in this film and a bit of a rebel but his intentions were right. Another Julia… Julia Stiles plays a school outcast. I like that her morals are that she was once walked over and never was she letting that happen again. Its the perfect teen movie but i love watching it now even in my 30s. Its a take on Shakespeares play ‘Taming of the shrew’ which i am yet to watch to compare.

I actually can’t believe that me and my brother were allowed to watch this as bits of it were a bit gorey for us. i know it says a 12 but i am sure we watched it a few years before that. Meryl Streep is my all time favourite actress and Goldie Hawn was just as gorgeous back then as she is now. They both wanted the same thing to be young and beautiful and live forever, but it came with consequences. Its quite a long film but worth the few hours its on.

I think i could easily watch this film everyday if i had my way. I absolutely love the songs in it. Whitney Houston had an amazing voice and played her part the diva Rachel Marron so well. Frank Farmer her bodyguard played by my man crush Kevin Costner was just fabulous in it…everything you’d want in a man, if you don’t know what i mean just watch it.

Who hasn’t ever quoted from Clueless. My favourite is ‘Rolling with the homies’ and of course ‘ugh as if’. Cher,Dionne and Ty growing up in an american high school, being popular and trying to figure it all out. Alicia Silverstone was so iconic in it and the never ageing Paul Rudd ends up being the one after shes swooned over him in what seemed like forever for her. Many a times i have needed a pick me up film and this has been the one to do it. Snacks and a snuggly blanket in tow of course.

I will do some from the noughties in a few weeks or so. I love just looking back with the memories, the soundtracks in them, and the people who you relate them to.


  1. ohhh I remember all these movies, some of them are in my favorite list! Can’t forget about She’s all that, Matrix, Independence Day, Home Alone and Jurassic Park!

    1. Ahhh loved she’s all that pretty sure I’ve got it on DVD somewhere….Home alone is always a favourite of mine too at Christmas xxx

  2. Omgoodness! The ’90s are my favorite decade! I was 19 in ’90 and 28 in ’99. It was decade during which all my children were born and I really began discovering who I was. And that decade was the BEST in movies, TV, and music! My favorite movies were, “Twister,” “Independence Day,” “Braveheart,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Forrest Gump,” “Waiting to Exhale,” and “Soul Food!”

      1. Yes they are! If there is ever a time I could travel back to and relive, the ’90s would be number 1! It was the last decade of simpler and more peaceful times I think. During that time, you were just happier, more carefree and so proud to be alive!

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