I love doing a monthly favourites post it makes me think of all the things that made me happy that month.

Without further ado here’s Februarys.


The legend that is Bridget Jones…I have been waiting for this to come out on DVD as I was poorly when it was in the cinema. It certainly did not disappoint. Though it had a few more swear words than expected it was still the best rom com of this year so far. The eye candy was second to none too.

17012494_10155158007164479_1097462998_nI had been looking for a handbag for absolute ages. I just didn’t want a plain old handbag. I wanted one that served a purpose and was stylish too. it was reduced from £109 to £28 so I loved it even more then.

17015060_10155158021684479_2063740009_oPersonally I didn’t want to spend nearly £100 on a FITBIT or an APPLE watch so while I was browsing good old Amazon I saw this TONUX watch. it does everything the others do and for a quarter of the price. My Brothers girlfriend liked mine so much she has one now. I wear mine everyday without fail and I am shocked at how many steps I do a day.

17035909_10155158021529479_58318783_oEven though I have had this since just after Christmas I have become very attatched to it. It is so handy for my blogging and fits in my handbag too. The picture quality is fantastic for watching Netflix and YouTube and you can also lie it completely flat and read a book on it too. 17015244_10155158007079479_696885205_oWhen I want 40 winks I reach for these beauts. I got them as a present and I think they are pretty as well as being practical. I can add them to my collection of many.



Its a very upbeat song and it has me singing every time I hear it.

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