My November Favourites 

I thought I would do a round up of some of my favourite things I’ve enjoyed throughout the month of November and a few new purchases too.

1) I am pretty sure I’m not the only one that gets super excited when they buy a diary/planner for the year ahead. The annoying thing is can’t write in it til Jan 1st as it’s supposed to be bad luck. This year I have chosen The Bright side ‘Being this brilliant takes planning’ diary 2017. It’s got some real witty bits in it that I will share in a later post

2) Every Winter I try and treat myself to a new coat and this year I wanted to go for one that was warm and stood out and this leopard print faux fur coat doesn’t disappoint in my books. It was £45 from Tesco and I can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can make good use of it.

 3) When I saw this in Boots on offer and it was my nannys name…Dot. I thought If this smells good this is my Christmas present to myself. Luckily it smelt devine so you guessed it, it’s now mine. Thanks Marc Jacobs for making it look so pretty too.

 4) Some of you may be too young to remember who the Golden Girls are. Here in the U.K. they used to air it about 10-15 years ago then was never seen again. Luckily Amazon had the box set. Mums bought it for me as I’ve been quite poorly as of late I’m so thankful. My evenings won’t ever be boring again.

5) I love these lyrics and this is a quote that can be shared to anyone who you think needs a bit of a helping hand and needs a friend.

6) Finally a new find but an old love. The one and only Lady Gaga. I thought she was ever so quirky growing up and this album she’s just bought out shows she’s still got it ‘Joanne’. She named it after her nan which I think is lovely.

Hope you enjoyed reading about what’s got me smiling this month 

See you in a future post…much love xxx


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