Last night I thought you know what, I need a pick me up but in the comfort of my own home so I decided on a little pampering in the morning.

so I printed this out before bed so I’d have something to follow



Here’s how it went….


All my products were in the basket and my Holzie mini tote bag so I didn’t have to go hunting.

I used my rose quartz roller straight from the fridge in an upward motion for about 5 minutes. It feels so refreshing on your face when cold and it helps the elasticity and circulation of your skin helping it not to sag and go south.


Because I had a few spots I decided to go for a charcoal mask that would detoxify and help get rid of my impurities. It smelt so good. It was the 7th heaven one if you were wondering, do you can probably get it for about a pound from any chemist/beauty shop online.


I gave myself a massage with my little massager from Flying Tiger which was either £3 or £4 and then when I felt relaxed I applied the lavender oil from The Body Shop. I was unable to light my candle as I couldn’t find a lighter so it just had to sit there and look pretty.


Lastly I gave myself a girly manicure using the Revolution nail polishes I got from Superdrug back in February. They are definitely me kind of colours. 

This was the music I had on in the background….a playlist I made on Spotify that is full of acoustic songs. Two hours worth actually. Find this music relaxing and soothe the soul. I’ve made the playlist public if you want to follow it.

Take some time for you…you need a few  hours tops to do what I did. Also a perfect way to start a Monday.


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