Most of my posts have been written in advance as I didn’t know how I was going to be feeling after my surgery. I usually write and publish my blog posts the same day but I had to think ahead.

So I thought I’d just write a short question and answer about my surgery and how I’m feeling

  1. What surgery did I have: I had my bladder removed it took 9 hours as they wanted to save my bowel and uterus as they were stuck together with adhesions.
  2. Did you have to have anything done to prep you for it: I had to drink these vile drinks for 2 days then alter my eating to softish food. It was a bit of a struggle but I did it.
  3. How long is recovery expected to be: some people are still recovering years later but I’ve been told I can’t lift anything heavier than a kettle for 6 months or more. My niece will just have to come cuddle up on the other side as she’s getting a lump at nearly 3 so I’m not up for doing myself damage.
  4. Are the staff nice: Overall they are all really nice and helpful and reassure me when I’m a bit scared
  5. What’s the hospital food like:to be honest because my appetite has gone a bit I’ve not ate very much at all. The food I have had is edible just not a variety that I see on the menu they bring round.
  6. What are you doing to pass the time: for the first couple of days / nearly a week I felt pretty rotten and been dosed up with painkillers. When I have been ok I’ve watched the TV they have in my room then the occasional Netflix film or YouTube video.
  7. Do you have to adapt to anything differently: yes plenty. I now have a bag stuck to my body that needs to be very well looked after and of course the stoma itself. It’ll all come with practise.
  8. A positive message for others facing surgery: keep a positive head, a strong mind will get you through anything.


  1. You’re incredibly brave!! I just had my subtotal colectomy 12 weeks ago, starting my new life with my ileostomy! With your amazing attitude and resilience you’ll do great, keep your head up and be patient with yourself❤️

    1. Just arrived home and in pain from staying sat still from the journey. We have to be strong 💕 I hope you’re getting on with your stoma OK too xxx

  2. You are so positive and resilient. I reckon there’s nothing you couldn’t achieve. Great blog; full of heart. Hope recovery is quick for you. Know you’re probably feeling weak and washed out but as each day goes by you’ll feel more your old self 🌸💕

    1. Ahhh thank you lovely. I have felt a bit defeated at times over the last 2 weeks but it’s still early days. I’ll read your book this week as I’m a bit more with it 🙈

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