You all know this is my favourite part of the month. I really loved October, Autumn is in full swing and I’m another year older. I don’t mind as I still get told I look much younger.

I now bring you my favourite bits from this glorious month.

My New Planner 

Until halfway through the month this favourite never even existed to me but I am so happy I have it now. I had it as a birthday present from my Brother, sister in law to be one day and little niece.

For anyone who needs to write down things to remember, birthdays, plans of action and anything else you would need to write down this is the one for it. I  believe that there is a sale on at Hobbycraft where this is from so you may be in luck if you want to bag this beauty.

 Kindle fire 2017 Edition 

I used to have one of these a fair few years ago and then I was converted to an iPad. Because i had an iPhone as well as the iPad it made it kinda pointless having both, so I sold it and just kept my phone. Then I was having a nosey on good old Amazon and I stumbled across an Amazon Kindle Fire 2017 edition for £59.99. Having some unspent birthday money I thought I’ll have you.


It’s so slim and lightweight its perfect to throw into your bag and you can download all sorts on there…Pinterest and the kindle app is mine…I love how the book speaks to me and I don’t have to grab my specs to read. you can also put a micro sd card in the side up to 256Gb, which I think is pretty cool as you can download films to watch on the go and have pretty much whatever you want on there without thinking ahhh gonna run out of storage.

Cheese Night 

Well, I kind of had a few friends over – each on separate occasions and let’s just say the cheese board came out and some yummy varieties of cheese was consumed. I guess that can be partially to blame for a few pounds creeping on this month as there was no birthday cake.


My friends consumed the wine like traditional cheese and wine nights and i just overdosed on cheese and had funny dreams every time. I won’t be partaking in eating that much cheese until Christmas if I can help it…ha ha.

Michael Jacksons Scream Album

I have a few of Jacko’s albums on CD as a bit of nostalgia. Me and my brother were obsessed with him in our childhood days. Craig could do a bloody good moonwalk, me on the other hand looked like a complete tool. So when i saw this album advertised on the tele i thought Spotify must have it and off i went there and i wasn’t disappointed. All my favourites and some extras are on there. Long live the king of pop music. 

Quote Of The Month 


Thanks for reading

and I’ll see you in my next post…


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