Office Makeover

In my last post i wrote about what I did the last part of the week and it was organising my office so it was clutter free…

Update: It still is.

I wanted some storage so there wasn’t things just scattered all over my desk so I went on a hunt for one. I didn’t check the measurements, when it came I thought oh my a bit bigger than anticipated but I made it work.

I grabbed all my highlighters, my colourful biros and fountain pens to fill the smaller compartments then my lists and my planner in the bigger bit at the back.

In the middle at the front I either put my camera there or my mobile.

As I love writing lists and bullet point what needs to be done each day i thought this weekly mini whiteboard was perfect. You can use the magnet provided to stick it to the fridge if you fancy it.

In the above picture you can see the pens in a pair of see-through drawers. I need to sort them out and make way for these I’ve had a while but just put them away and forgot I’d bought them.

I purposely bought this fan when it was 34 degrees last week. My office was absolutely boiling and typing away in there was so much better with a mini pink fans help. Its small but cute and powerful.

I’ve had this folder for ages…it’s got a print on from an etsy shop dorkfacecreates. I love being able to put a personal touch to things and a simple folder with notepads in needed a oomph of personality 😁

Heres a birds eye view of my desk. I love how girly it is but still minimalistic at the same time.


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