Hey Hey, its Friday.

I actually don’t mind staying in on a Friday night, or a Saturday come to think of it. I think as you get older you go past caring about going out on the razz every weekend.

I’m going to make my Friday night a nostalgic one. Cos i love memories i can look back on. So here’s my plans.

I’ve got 10 things i hate about you, cos who didn’t swoon over Heath singing your too good to be true can’t take my eyes off of you back in the 90s.

Then Billy Elliot, i love the how it’s full of controversy and it tells a wonderful story. Julie Walters is so funny in it too.

Finally Muriels Wedding. It’s such a classic and me and my friend Lou used to do the Waterloo dance in her living room until we had the moves to a T.

I found my diary from 10 years ago and i know this will be a banger to read as i remember the boyfriends and my clubbing days were quite something to write about so i look forward to reading that.

Then I’m gonna put a face mask on too just so i feel a bit more relaxed.

If i can’t sleep i may get started on my scrap book, i have only used 4 pages in it so far but really wanna make it something rather interesting to flip through when it’s finished.

What do you like doing on a Friday night?

6 thoughts on “Oh yes its Friday night

    1. Oooo can’t beat a long soak in a bubble bath. Yeah i think that’ll be my first choice of film. Love all the quotes in it. Enjoy both you babes xxx

  1. Tonight im having a silent chilling night infront of a roaring fire with my specials and im living the serenity after an emotional week. Enjoy your dvds sweetness ❤

      1. Thanks hun… im taking it one day at a time but its going to work out ❤ the silence is deafening yet serene if that makes any sense but im actually loving it.

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