My Exercise Routine 

Some of you may know I suffer with a few chronic illnesses. If you didn’t you do now. Sometimes it stops me from doing my every day tasks and sometimes it says go ahead knock yourself out… literally.

Anyway I have always tried since I got ill to do a bit of exercise since I can’t do the gym anymore like I used to so here’s a look at what I’m incorporating into my exercise routine throughout the week.


I can’t do more than 5 full sit ups without getting knackered but this awesome Smart Wonder Core Multi Gym let’s me do at least 20 on a good day you can change the resistance on it to work yourself a bit harder or go easy which I like. You can use it on any part of your body but I use it for my tummy.


I have always loved doing a spot of yoga…still need ALOT of practice but it really zones you out and you just need to concentrate on what you’re doing and forget the worries you’ve got that’s what I do. I have been following a yoga routine on YouTube: Yoga With Adrienne. She has so many different videos for different parts of your life you need help with and I do this daily if I can.


I have had a hula hoop for a few years and in the summer I’d get it out in the garden and fool about with it but I have a few friends that are really good at it and share videos online and it has made me want to take hula hooping a bit more serious. So I’ll be starting right from the beginning and fingers crossed I can report back that I’ve managed to do at least one…ha ha.

Here’s my hoop and I found this lady Deanne Love earlier this week so I’m hoping her videos will be beneficial.

and here is one of my outfits I wear in the comfort of my own home.

I don’t aim to be skinny just get my womanly curves back and enjoy doing it at the same time.

Motivation Monday: How to lead a more happier life

I totally get it you can’t be super happy all the time but you can however make life less Meh and more Yay. So I have come up with some valid points on how to achieve a happier prospective on life.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to someone else, they are them and you are you and both of you are on different journeys in life
  2. Try to stay away from thinking negitively. This will only put you in a foul mood. positivity all the way.
  3. Leave the past in the past its where it belongs. It can’t be changed. Look forward to the future with bright ideas.
  4. Appreciate the little things in life as they can be a big impact on how you feel.
  5. Stop complaining on what what could go wrong and make sure it always goes right.
  6. Find something to laugh or smile about everyday. Happier people live happier lives.


Social Sunday: Playlist with a difference

I think everyone should try this one I found it to be quite therapeutic and made me think about songs and their meanings. I myself love lyrics in a song they just speak volumes. Below you can  see the questions and can scroll the sidebar and see all the songs in a playlist from Spotify. Hopefully you can play them from here without using Spotify. I hope you enjoy seeing what oldies and newbies are on my playlist. Be interesting to hear some of yours…leave a song in the comments below and I will check it out 😍



Stand Up Saturday: No means No (a personal story)

First of all this is a personal post so what I am about to tell you now actually happened to me and I never want anyone to have to go through it.

Ok here goes….This was about 8 years ago but still fresh in my memory.

I was going out with this lad i had known him for years, dated before actually. i reckon we were about 9 months into the relationship and we had gone out for a meal and a few drinks (in a restaurant) so no plans on getting drunk.

During the meal he had a message from his friends asking if we wanted to go and meet them for an hour before they travelled back to where they lived. Seemed like a plan so off we toddled arm in arm down the road to the pub.

When we got there his friends were nowhere to be seen and their phone was switched off. He had the hump on. I just wanted to get on home and get in my pjs with him and watch some slushy DVD.  So when we got home to mine we headed on upstairs as my parents were downstairs still. I reckon i must of dozed off half way through watching the DVD because when I woke up my boyfriend was straddled over me, i said to him what the hell do you think you are doing….he ignored me and carried on trying to enter me….Get the fuck off me I said in rage. He wasn’t stopping and i couldn’t move. He was taking advantage of me without me saying he could and he was being rough with it too. I had never seen this side to him. it wasn’t the alcohol he had only had 2 shandys. I  led there and cried into my pillow so my parents didn’t hear. He just turned over and went to sleep like nothing happened.

I couldn’t bear to look at him I was disgusted that he gave me no respect and that he wasn’t being the caring bloke he always had been. I felt like i couldn’t just sweep it under the carpet and carry on so i told him i wanted to finish with him.

He kept on questioning why and didn’t see he did anything wrong. To this day he probably still thinks he wasn’t in the wrong but he damn was.

No matter whether they are your boyfriend or not

If you haven’t said you want to have sex with them and they proceed its pretty much rape.

Please do not suffer in silence if this has ever happened to you it took me ages to confide in someone and i wish i’d done it sooner.


Foodie Friday: Now that’s what I call Great British Food

Living in England all my life I can honestly say that I love our British food and enjoy it whenever I can. I am actually one of those people thats been to an Indian Restaurant and had Ham, Egg and Chips. I know shame on me.

So little me went for a nosey on the internet to find some examples and here’s what I came up with.

By the looks of it we area nation who love our potatoes…

xxSausage and mash with Onion Gravy

Cottage or Shepherds Pie

Sunday Roast Dinner

Fish and Chips and Mushy Peas

Our puddings always seem to be rather fruity but truly scrumptious.

Strawberry Trifle 

Rhubarb and raspberry crumble 

Victoria Sponge 

Scones, cream and strawberries 🍓 

and last but not least we have these two which let’s face it go hand in hand.

Tea and an assortment of biscuits 🍪  very British indeed.

Throwback Thursday: What was I wearing…mum what were you thinking?

I am going to take you back to when I was young and carefree and it seems my mum was carefree too…apparently the clothes I wore was all the rage back then..ok mother I believe you.

I was about 4 and 6 here and to be fair i think i look alright. I have an absolute legend on board..Roland Rat. Still have him now.  These are the two most sensible pics out of all of the ones that I’m going to show you.


My tights matched my coat cuffs so i did have some style back then and i actually like the pink dress i have on too.


You know when you start to remember things? i must have been 5 as i remember the dodgy full fringe i had when i started school and every party i had out came the sailor dress. i bet mum got teary when it wouldn’t fit me anymore. The coat was out of a catalogue and looks like shell suit patterns…please don’t let that trend come back in once is enough.


The lucky thing about having a sibling is your parents don’t need to fork out too much you just get the older ones hand me downs that are usually too big however me and Craig loved the turtles so I didn’t complain on this occasion.


I have to take full responsibility for these two outfit choices. The pink chords were a fashion statement i wanted to be different and the tinsel tie and white shoes were for Christmas at my after school job. Both look absolutely  hideous but i didn’t think so at the time.

To End my throwback post today i thought I’d add a video in too {hand over face)

Wellness Wednesday: Some like it hot, Some like it cold

What’s she going to be talking about today I bet your thinking….

Well i’m going to talk about something a bit random but beneficial for all


What you get up to while you are in it is your business whether you sing in it, share it or its just a quick wash and out.

I found out some really interesting things about what happens when you take a shower a certain way.

Ok so some of you may like a steaming hot shower and this isn’t a bad thing as long as its not making you red here is what’s good about it

  1. If you are feeling a little bit anxious it can help reduce your anxiety levels
  2. if you are quite tense your body will thank you for the hot shower. it relaxes your muscles
  3. It can unclog blocked pores of toxins and can leave your skin nice and cleansed.
  4. If you’ve had a headache for ages or a blocked nose a shower will alleviate the symptoms

Then theres the cold shower….we all go no thanks but it really does help

  1. It tightens up the skin lets face it none of us fancy our skin sagging prematurely
  2. It stimulates your sluggish immune system and prevents you getting colds
  3. Reduces hair loss…men in particular take note of this one 🙂
  4. It frees up your mind and makes you more alert…cos its so cold obviously

and if you sing in the shower it reduces stress, improves your mood and motivates you so who cares if you are in tune or not it is good for your health.

If you plan on doing anything else in the shower just be careful not to slip on the soap.