I know you are going to say but Hol its half way through the month…you’re doing it ass about face.

Well there’s a reason for that. I bought the book half way through the month so I kind of go from middle of the month to the middle of the next one

I apologise for the swear word but I thought it was a good saying for a gratitude journal come planner. So let’s look inside…

You get an inspirational quote at the top. This page says ‘I followed my heart and it led me to the fridge ‘. I like that one.

Then you have reflections. Here i just write about one certain subject that’s on my mind.

The grateful section i pick one thing and explain why I’m grateful for that thing. I think it’s a good exercise.

Challenges and goals are at the bottom. So I try to give myself 7 or 8 challenges a month, not too big but big enough to have to work a bit for them. The goals I tend to tie them in with said challenge and what the goal of completing that is.

Pretty much every month I complete them all but if not I’ll carry them over to the next month.

Do you write down your plans, challenges or goals? If you don’t maybe you should start. Then you hold yourself accountable to do them.


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