I love a good app on my phone or laptop and I thought to start off my daily blogging I would share a few of my favourites that I highly recommend.

Ok so first off is one that I use probably the most after all the social media ones.



I will hold my hand up and say i do like a good old photo edit and MOLDIV definitely ticks all the boxes when it comes to making your picture that bit more perfect.

I love how when editing your photo you can also crop it down so it’s the right size to use on Instagram or as a Facebook profile picture. There are over 150 filters to suit any colour scheme you are going for and you can tweak them a bit too. If you haave an annoying spot or those dark circles that you just cant shift with make up MOLDIV to the rescue. The collage aspect of it is amazing too it gives you so many options of how you want your pics..



This ones for the ladies so if you are a man move on to the next one. I have been using CLUE for about 3 months and i think its great and super helpful.


So let me briefly talk you through it. CLUE tracks your menstrual cycle/your period and all the bits in between. The first day of  your period arrives and you want to keep a track of how heavy it is or how you are feeling to look back at it for future months this is just the app for you. I was a bit like WTF at first but i think its fab now. Also if you are trying to get pregnant it also lets you know when your fertile days are.  You get a little alert to let you know you are due on in the next few days just incase you forgot to get supplies in like chocolate obviously 🙂



This ones for all you video enthusiasts that love chatting away to your phone and then uploading it for the world to see or you can put together videos you have taken and put them into one lovely big one.

From pics 1-5

  1. Upload your videos or photos if you just want to do slideshow and click on the square next to it for transition, there are an array of ones to chose from. Here you can also add music if you wish.
  2. The filter you want if you aren’t happy with the original.
  3. The time that you want each slide to be between each other ( up to 10 secs)
  4. Here you can add text and chose font and the colour too.
  5. To position your slide to be in view if not it will zoom out (so enable the ken burns function) who is he? i have no idea.

Press play and there you have it your very own masterpiece. Don’t forget to save it 🙂




If you haven’t heard of this app where have you been? its one of the best for organising and is relatively easy to use. I click on to this one pretty much every day.

As you can see here i have made examples of how you can use it.

  1. Note Taking…whether its some lyrics you got going round in your head or an email address you can’t forget.
  2. To do lists with a tick off box too which i love and a voice message function too.
  3. add a photo that you love or if you have some words to put with it ONENOTE lets you do it all.

I forgot to add these are all FREE.

Sorry its been a long one I got a bit carried away….


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