First of all this is a personal post so what I am about to tell you now actually happened to me and I never want anyone to have to go through it.

Ok here goes….This was about 8 years ago but still fresh in my memory.

I was going out with this lad i had known him for years, dated before actually. i reckon we were about 9 months into the relationship and we had gone out for a meal and a few drinks (in a restaurant) so no plans on getting drunk.

During the meal he had a message from his friends asking if we wanted to go and meet them for an hour before they travelled back to where they lived. Seemed like a plan so off we toddled arm in arm down the road to the pub.

When we got there his friends were nowhere to be seen and their phone was switched off. He had the hump on. I just wanted to get on home and get in my pjs with him and watch some slushy DVD.  So when we got home to mine we headed on upstairs as my parents were downstairs still. I reckon i must of dozed off half way through watching the DVD because when I woke up my boyfriend was straddled over me, i said to him what the hell do you think you are doing….he ignored me and carried on trying to enter me….Get the fuck off me I said in rage. He wasn’t stopping and i couldn’t move. He was taking advantage of me without me saying he could and he was being rough with it too. I had never seen this side to him. it wasn’t the alcohol he had only had 2 shandys. I  led there and cried into my pillow so my parents didn’t hear. He just turned over and went to sleep like nothing happened.

I couldn’t bear to look at him I was disgusted that he gave me no respect and that he wasn’t being the caring bloke he always had been. I felt like i couldn’t just sweep it under the carpet and carry on so i told him i wanted to finish with him.

He kept on questioning why and didn’t see he did anything wrong. To this day he probably still thinks he wasn’t in the wrong but he damn was.

No matter whether they are your boyfriend or not

If you haven’t said you want to have sex with them and they proceed its pretty much rape.

Please do not suffer in silence if this has ever happened to you it took me ages to confide in someone and i wish i’d done it sooner.



    1. Ahhh thank you Kayla 😘 Your my 100th follower which makes it even more special. How did you stumble across my blog if you don’t mind me asking? I am glad that you enjoy my blog posts I have only recently started daily blogging this week xxx

      1. Aw, that’s so cool! I’ve just been reading a lot of blog posts today and I think I’ve seen you in another blogger’s comments but I can’t recall who! Good luck for your daily blogging. I barely can keep up with only posted once a week I have a strong respect for you! xx

  1. I’ve come across men, who think they are entitled to you, and to do whatever they want with you. Something I have stood by since I began dating, is no means no. It is beyond me how many men will make it seem like you are the bad guy for denying them sex or whatever it is they want. Not all guys are like this, but it kind of sets you up to be more cautious when dating. Thank you for sharing your story. You are a strong woman Holly!

  2. Such a brave little lady sharing this story, no definitely means no and I’m glad you have the courage to share something so personal. Young ladies sometimes think it’s okay for things like this to happen when they are in a relationship – when it certainly is not.

    Kayla |

  3. I’m shocked! I had a tear in my eye, I would feel so frightened and I wouldn’t know what to do. You’re so brace for speaking out about your experience, I know things like this never get any easier. They just fade into the past but how you feel and what happens stay in your mind like photographic images. I can honestly say this has never happened to me and I’m extremely lucky it hasn’t as it happens to so many, so well done for speaking out as I know this will help a lot of people to know it’s not just them and they don’t need to feel alone at times like this

    Tasha x

    1. Thanks for reading Tash. I didn’t know whether to write it and I had a moment of yeah why not and glad I did now. sorry it made you tear up. xxx

  4. You are so brave and strong for being able to speak about what you went through. I am so sorry for what he did to you. Wish you all the best

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