Having a good skincare routine is paramount.

Those days when I thought that a baby wipe or face wipe was going to work magic. It was simply because I was too lazy to spend time on my skin and just wanted to hop into bed.

Now I really do take a pride in removing makeup and dirt from my face every day.

So let’s talk about the simple routine I would do if I was pushed for time and wanted to spare my skin the risk of a breakout.

First of all I would get my Mario Badescu cucumber make up remover and get a little spatula and put a bit on my cheeks, head and chin. Then I’d do circle motions and melt away the make up. Sometimes I would use a cotton pad but I’m trying to use these reusable ones.

Then I would go in to do another cleanse – its always nice to double cleanse to make sure your face is clean as a whistle. I am using L’Oréal pure clay detox wash. It’s black but not a mask consistency, quite thin actually but not drippy. I use the black pad it just makes sense.

I have used a tiny amount of the Mario Badescu apricot body lotion on my dry areas. It smells delicious and is quite rich so it’ll last ages.

Spongeclean is what I use to rinse the pads off or any of my make up brushes. I love it. So much better than baby shampoo which is what I was using before.

There you have it, my super fast skincare routine for night-time.


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