A social update

Just incase you are a new follower – here is where you can find me other than here and I try to make each one not the same otherwise that would be boring, right?

So Facebook I am relatively new with my page on there so any newbies would be great

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I love a bit of tweeting and I’ve made some amazing friends through blogging and sharing ideas with them and just general chit chat. If you want to know anything twitter will have the answer (of course you have Google but you got interactive discussions on twitter)

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Then of course there’s Instagram. Whether it’s a quote you want to share or a photo you’ve captured and you’re proud of then insta is the best place to share it.

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Feel free to share yours in the comments too.

The Diary of a Pinkaholic

Hey my lovely ones,

I wanted to have somewhere where I could just randomly blog daily about whatever came to mind that I also wanted to share with whoever wanted a read. I felt that here on Holzieloves wasn’t the right place and decided to make a second blog.

Holzieloves is going to be 3 this year and I have built it up to help inspire, share my tips, my life experiences, and to entertain and I intend to keep it that way.

So my second blog is called THE DIARY OF A PINKAHOLIC and it is what it says. I have always kept a diary of some sort and i adore pink. Don’t worry the blog doesn’t talk about pink all the time. It’s whatever is going on that day and a little bit of my humour too.

if you’d like to check it out then click here

I will still be uploading 2/3 posts a week here on Holzieloves so keep your eyes open for the next one.

My goal for the week ahead

I have really missed blogging more frequently. It’s an outlet for me to write down my thoughts, give advice and try to make people smile.

I am giving myself a goal

That’s Monday to Sunday. I want to cover every topic you see in my side bar. That way it won’t be boring.

I hope you’ll come back and have a nosey and feedback, suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far

Til Monday

To my blogger friends

Being a blogger really is amazing.

Never would i have thought i would come across such kind hearted people who are full of courage, ambition and strength.

Who i have never met but i feel you are a part of my life.

I love to read your posts – the variety of your topics keeps me coming back to admire it some more.

Keep being the fabulous blogger that you are.

Much love…Me đź’•

Reasons for a week off

I am sorry there haven’t been any posts in the last week.

I know I don’t need to apologise. I know I have some readers that religiously follow me and a few have asked if I was ok so I thought I would tell you why I didn’t write.

As most of you know I have a few illnesses – One being M.E, which causes extreme tiredness amongst other symptoms. I had a few bad days at the beginning of the week so I spent most of those days in bed recuperating and sleeping my senses away. Not fun in the slightest.


Luckily by the Friday I was feeling a lot more energised and well enough to go to my best friends birthday meal in the evening. This was special because it was a reunion with all my close school friends who I hadn’t been out with since I left school 15 years ago. It was really nice to get out the house with friends and not my mum.  They were all taking it in turns to push me in the wheelchair which was a laugh as I was scared I would end up falling off the curb. I had a few alcoholic beverages for the occasion too. Archers and lemonade of course.


Saturday was a I got a hangover head kind of day so I didn’t do very much at all apart from telly hopping and eating junk food. I did do a face mask in the evening, always like to do one once a week to look after my 30 something skin.

Sunday was an Auntie and Niece afternoon. I got to spend it with just me and Daisy. I really love that I can have a conversation with her now and she knows what I am on about. She loves her Auntie Hol and its so nice to feel loved.


Yesterday (Monday) was a long ass day I had to go to hospital to see the people I saw when I had to stay in hospital to see if they could improve the paralysis in my legs. It was a 5-hour round trip for a 30-minute appointment. I didn’t the best news, there’s no cure just need to manage it when it happens, which is very frequent.. I am still smiling, there’s no need to be miserable. It is what it is.

So you can see its been quite a hectic up and down week but I am back now and will try and get a few more posts up this week.

Thanks for stopping by

til next time


You can find me here

A follower of my blog notified me and said the Social Media links on my sidebar wasn’t working…

That has now been fixed but I thought I would link them here too along with my new video over on YouTube.

Click on the text above the pics to take you directly to it.







I can’t seem to shrink the youtube video but here it is anyways I uploaded it today.

It will play within the blog post…

Thank you to all of you that follow me on here too. I love my little blogging family.

See you next time


They’ll have you smiling,laughing and crying

All of us have those films that we watch over and over again…

No matter how you are feeling, you put them on and they do all sorts to your emotions. They could tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, and be super relatable too.

I have put together a small list of mine

you can probably see a theme…

Pretty Woman

I mean who wouldn’t want to meet a gorgeous silver fox who turns your life around, you fall in love with him and just by chance he climbs up the side of the building to say will you be mine.

Now and Then

If you grew up in the 90s you will know this legendary film. Its 4 friends all different in their own way growing up, finding the meaning of life, boys and friendship. It’s one I’ll always love til I’m old and wrinkly.

Dirty Dancing

I would hope that if I was to jump up into someone’s arms they would do the lift. I really love everything about the film, the acting, the songs and the quotes – nobody puts baby in a corner. Damn right and nobody puts Holly in a corner either. ha ha.

Notting Hill

Cheeky but oh so lovely Hugh Grant with Julia Roberts, I am a fan of hers if you couldn’t tell. Its a funny film but also shows that infact someone with a high profile status can fall in love with the average norm or whatever your name may be.

Bridget Jones

The first one hands down will always be a favourite. Bridget is one lucky lady having Mark Darcy swooning over her. This is me and my best friends go to film…we use the quotes to make each other laugh. It’s a film that can really be enjoyed no matter how young or old you are.

The Bodyguard

I love singing along to this film so much. It has my full attention for the full few hours its on. Whitney had that sass about her and those eyes of ‘Farmer’. If you haven’t ever watched this film are you even human?

My Sisters Keeper

There’s always that one film that you love but it makes you cry loads and this is mine. It’s a true eye opener about life with a terminal illness and what a whole family goes through and not just the sufferer. It was such a beautiful film and will always be the one to grab when I feel like getting a bit emosh.

What are your favourites

– New or old?

Thanks for reading, til next time…