Question Time: Yes i have…No i haven’t



I asked what kind of post you would like to see and a personal one was in favour so i came up with this one which you can get to know me a little better.


SKIPPED A CLASS: I tried not to make it a habit but sometimes i couldn’t help it and ended up going home at lunch and didn’t go back for the rest of the day (bullies didn’t help)

DONE DRUGS: Do i look that silly? Not something that’s ever appealed to me

SELF HARMED: I have had some low moments in my life as i have suffered with depression on and off  but its only ever been a slight thought never acted upon it.

SHOP LIFTED: I have only done it twice. Once when i was at my local sweet shop i put some sweets in my pocket when the shop keeper wasn’t looking, she must have had eyes in the back of her head cos i had to give them back. Second was a freebie on the front of the mag. Wasn’t allowed the magazine so i put the freebie in mums handbag. She gave me a bollocking when she found it.


SHOW: I have two they are both oldies…The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and the Golden Girls. Thanks to Amazon prime/Netflix for my Will Smith fix and Mum for buying me the Golden Girls box set.

FILM: Without a doubt it has to be Bridget Jones. The first one obviously. I have a few others that come very close that i’ll do in a later blog post. Bridget is so relatable,  quotable, funny and has some lovely eye candy too.

SONG: Everything i do (i do it for you) by Bryan Adams. I have loved it since i heard it on a jukebox when i was 6 years old. Now i am old enough to understand lyrics it has so much more meaning to it.

BOOK: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis. I thought of how magical it was the first time i read it that there could be a whole different world in the back of the wardrobe i soon found out there wasn’t.


GAY RIGHTS: Love has no labels so those who discriminate are the ones in the wrong. I applaud the LGBT community for standing up to the haters and not changing for nobody.

SECOND CHANCES: I believe everybody deserves a second chance but that’s it. No third, fourth or fifth. If you do you may as well have mug tattooed on your forehead.

SEX ON A FIRST DATE: If i was to have sex on the first date (which i don’t) it would certainly not turn into anything more serious than a one time thing. Love isn’t built on sleeping with someone when you only met them a few hours before.


HAVE A STRONG ACCENT: Although i live in the countryside i don’t think i sound as broad as some of the people so i have that to be thankful for.

HAVE ANY SCARS: I have a massive scar from where i had my bladder operation. The actual Bladder stoma itself is tiny but where they opened me up is quite sizable but luckily my knickers hide it.

BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: I really do believe that you could fall in love with someone just by looking at them but when you get to know them as a person is when you really know if its true love or just infatuation.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.




Currently loving: May Edition

Its the last day of May so i thought i would do the same as last month and do a currently loving.

So without further ado here is a nosey at whats made me happy during May.



Tequila and teabags is a new read for me but i can tell its going to be a fav for sure it has been written so relatable to many twenty somethings facing life changing choices its a story not a self help book i can’t wait to find out what happens.


i am absolutely loving YouTube and  these three totally different girls are the videos i’m binge watching at the moment.

2017-05-31 (1)


2017-05-31 (2)


2017-05-31 (3)



You guessed it i have a chocolate favourite again. its not going to be one for much longer as i’ve over indulged this month and put on 4 pounds. So next months WILL NOT be chocolate. But these are so bloody yummy and i’ve always been a fan of Turkish Delights.



As you know i love to write in any form and i wrote a poem for my mums birthday and this was it, may i add she cried. Bless her.



i haven’t found anything so pretty and comfy at the same time until now i have a pair of pom pom sandals from Primark of all places and for £10 i wish they did this style if shoe in every colour my feet felt so supportive.


Listening to…

I have always loved Miley Cyrus ever since Hannah Montana and when i heard her new song i was like yes the old Miley is back and she hasn’t failed to impress. It’s beautiful.


Click on pic to listen on YouTube its been listened to 98,000,000 times. Not all by me 🙂

Quote of the month…
This has to be one of the most touching quotes to a creative soul like myself and many of you of course from the legendary Robin Williams.


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Women I admire 

When i was younger there were women i yearned to be like.

As i have got older they have become people i look up to and admire for all they are.

Here are a handful of the ones that i wanted to include:


My wonderful Mum – a woman who i want to turn after. Shes the most caring and hardworking person i know and my heart beats because of her and i love her to the moon and back.


Meryl Streep – I think she has been my favourite actress since i can remember. Shes a fierce and powerful woman and funny too.


Zoella – i love how Zoella has not let her anxiety get in the way of her dreams and shes an amazing role model to girls and women.


Ellen Degeneres – I really admire how Ellen has fought the haters who frowned upon her sexuality at the beginning of her career and showed them she can and is a successful well loved women regardless of who she decides to fall in love with.


Emma Watson – I take my hat off to Emma she is not afraid to use her voice for what she believes in and i love that shes so effortlessly beautiful too.

and finally a woman who is no longer with us


Cilla Black – I grew up seeing her on my TV screen every Saturday night and then my Mum introduced me to her music when i was a little older. She was such a wonderful woman who had a heart of gold and made me have a lorra lorra laughs (in her liverpool accent) and i miss her very much two years on.

So there you are….who would be yours?





Currently Loving |April Edition

Here’s a different take on monthly favourites that i may use and adapt in future posts


Reading…. The poetic underground

Erin Hanson is such a talented woman and decided to buy her book even though i have all of her poems saved on Pinterest.

Watching….Girl Boss

Taken from the book #GIRLBOSS Netflix have turned it into a series i am loving it so far seeing how she builds up her status i am about 5 episodes in. So far so good.


Eating….Milky ways always been a favourite

When i was little and had a spare 15p i would toddle off to the shop for one of these now i can get a few multipacks and they aren’t too fattening either.


Writing….My next book – still in the planning process

I wrote my personal story and published it last month and i want to write another book. It gave me such a buzz.


Wearing…. Pale pink


i’m obsessed at the mo but then again anything pink is great. It’s my favourite colour.

Listening to…. A playlist on spotify

I made it when i was in hospital a bit cheesy but i love it ( Wham, Chesney Hawkes and Whitney to name a few)

Quote I’m loving….

Lets hope I can report that next month there has been sunshine, very typical English weather.


May I’m ready for you 🌸

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Avon Must Have Summer Essentials 

Avon Calling…… ha ha

I absolutely love a good nosey through the Avon catalogue and you can always find something either for you or a gift for a friend and at an affordable price which is why Avon appeals to me.

This is one of a few posts that i am going to feature on my blog about Avon so keep a look out.

So the summers on its way… our skin and hair need to be looked after so I’ve bought some lovely bits that are going to see me into summer and I think they are a must have for anyone…ok preferably female but males if your in touch with your feminine side knock yourself out.


Adds a beautiful summery scent to your locks (comes in other scents)



Your make up stays put on a hot day with a spritz of this. Tried and tested 🙂


When you get out the bath/ shower or the sea spray this on all over to keep your legs looking and feeling smooth.


Use when you need that unwind and relax after a hot day spray on your PJs, duvet cover or just in your room. Lavender has so many great benefits. I love it and use it all the time

I ordered mine online which is the best thing as back in the day you didn’t have such a luxury. My Avon Representative Sarah is lovely and is always at hand for any questions I have. I’ll leave her link below so you can use her too.


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These are a few of my Favourite things – March

A lovely random few things that I thought deserved a place in my March faves post.

Lets start off with something that has been my favourite tipple ever since I was 18 so a very long time. Its Dooleys Toffee Vodka. Looks like Baileys but tastes like a dream. Actually I have never tasted Baileys or a dream so I can’t compare…Either way its delicious.


A bit of Eye Candy

What is Phillip Schofield doing here I guess you are wondering. Well my best mate knows he is my man crush and favourite silver fox so she told me his Snapchat name and hes had me in absolute tears. Pretty much like he is on This Morning just unfiltered.  Anyone else who fancies a giggle or a silver fox fix its:- phillipschofe. If you don’t have snapchat just type his name into youtube you’ll be happy for hours.


You always need a few beauty favourites and these are mine.

So first of all we have my everyday lippy which is Loreal Color Riche in the shade Rose Printemps. Its a subtle pink not too in your face but more pink than a nude.

Then we have my Holy Grail from The Body Shop – Tea Tree Anti Imperfection Daily Solution. Whenever I have a annoying spot I reach for this and apply it and watch it do its magic.

Last of these three is the Primark Foundation Brush. I used to just put it on with my fingers and occasionally a sponge but these brushes that come in all different sizes make your foundation go on smooth and flawless. This one is the biggest and was £4. An absolute Bargain.New Phototastic Collage

Read all about it

The first book is a very sought after poetry book that I’ve seen many people rave about so I bought one for myself and I’m not disappointed.

The second book is my very own book that I have just had published telling the story of how I was bullied through school and how I have got through the other side. If you would like to read it the link is here

Both of these can be found on Amazon 



Quote of the month

Finally this quote about seeing beauty in yourself

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My February Favourites

I love doing a monthly favourites post it makes me think of all the things that made me happy that month.

Without further ado here’s Februarys.


The legend that is Bridget Jones…I have been waiting for this to come out on DVD as I was poorly when it was in the cinema. It certainly did not disappoint. Though it had a few more swear words than expected it was still the best rom com of this year so far. The eye candy was second to none too.

17012494_10155158007164479_1097462998_nI had been looking for a handbag for absolute ages. I just didn’t want a plain old handbag. I wanted one that served a purpose and was stylish too. it was reduced from £109 to £28 so I loved it even more then.

17015060_10155158021684479_2063740009_oPersonally I didn’t want to spend nearly £100 on a FITBIT or an APPLE watch so while I was browsing good old Amazon I saw this TONUX watch. it does everything the others do and for a quarter of the price. My Brothers girlfriend liked mine so much she has one now. I wear mine everyday without fail and I am shocked at how many steps I do a day.

17035909_10155158021529479_58318783_oEven though I have had this since just after Christmas I have become very attatched to it. It is so handy for my blogging and fits in my handbag too. The picture quality is fantastic for watching Netflix and YouTube and you can also lie it completely flat and read a book on it too. 17015244_10155158007079479_696885205_oWhen I want 40 winks I reach for these beauts. I got them as a present and I think they are pretty as well as being practical. I can add them to my collection of many.



Its a very upbeat song and it has me singing every time I hear it.