Take time for you

Apologies for the absence of my blog posts, my heads been elsewhere.

I am having my big op to remove my bladder this Monday coming so I have been trying to get all bits sorted as after I’m going to be rather sore and need to take time to recover.

So today I gave myself a to do list but not one that’s going to be too much – more of a self care one so here it is


I have an app called offline that you can get on the play store if you are on Android, I am pretty sure there is an alternative one for iPhone.

It stops you from using your phone for however long you set it for and only allows a few calls you’ve selected to be accepted – and I allowed Spotify so I could still listen to music. This allowed me to step back from scrolling through my phone for a few hours and do something more practical. You really should give it a go.


Not all meditation requires you to sit cross legged and going ‘omm’ but if it works for you do it. I sat up in a chair – a comfortable one, and played some crackling fire music. This soothes me for some reason and I just tried to focus on happy things, letting no negativity creep in. I done that for 20 mins and my mind definitely felt clearer after. Whatever sound or location you feel you can zone out in go with it, you might surprise yourself.


I adore a face mask.Even if you don’t want to do a full on pampering it makes you feel like you’ve had a little bit of one. The 7th heaven ones are my favourite as they are inexpensive and come in loads of different varieties from peel off to mud. I used my body scrub from The Body Shop to make my skin silky smooth. It makes your body feel loved and not neglected just cos it’s under clothes at the moment.


I literally had a quick nosey to see if there was anything that wasn’t going to be use to me after my operation, as having a stoma bag I’m not going to be able to wear tight things for some time. I decided that I would wait til it’s nearing the summer months and just buy myself some bits then and donate the winter bits I no longer need. Instead I sorted out my handbags and found £19.25 in change. Better than a smack in the mouth mother would say…I love her sayings.


I am saving this one until bedtime. I want an earlyish night so instead of watching the TV or YouTube I’m going to have a look on the kindle store and see what book I can get stuck into. The radio station I like to listen to at night is called THE BREEZE. If you like love songs and all the soppy songs then this ones for you, bit like Magic if you’ve heard of that station.

Taking time for yourself can be as hectic or as peaceful as you choose it to be. It doesn’t hurt every once in a while to do it.

Thanks for stopping by

Until next time

Q and A Time

I absolutely love reading other people’s Q and A’s so I thought I’d do my own. Here are some questions I was asked…

Why did you start blogging?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been so in love with writing. So when I found out about blogging and others reading what you write I just had to join in this fab community. Never looked back.

What do you do to unwind?

I think putting on your pjs after a nice soak in the bath, curling up in a blanket with a hot water bottle and some eye candy on Tele is just my idea of unwinding.

What’s one thing you wish you could have told your younger self?

That no matter what life throws at you, don’t let it get you down. Be brave and plod on the best way you can.

How long have you and your best friend been best friends?

Oh my, we have been friends our whole life. Well I’m 8 months older than Jessica but our mums have been great friends even before we were both born. Our nicknames came 15 years later, hers is Trev and Mine is Bertie 🙈

What’s one item of clothing that you will never wear again even if it’s come back in fashion?

Oh that is easy – A shell suit. I mean I adored my pink one at the time but to give my honest opinion… it was a hideous item of clothing and let’s hope they don’t come round a second time. Sorry mum lol.

Do you regret anything?

Yes I regret losing my virginity when I did with who I did. If only I could turn back the clock I’d definitely not have made that mistake. Generally I try and live with no regrets.

Man crush / Woman crush?

Oooo Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz. This hasnt changed for years.

One beauty product you can’t live without?

I’d say foundation simply because you can just put a bit of it on to give you a bit of a colour if you’re looking tired or a bit pale or need to conceal some spots.

Physically, what do you look for in a potential boyf?

I’ve always looked at eyes first they tell so much and a nice jaw line (yeah I know I’m a bit weird)

Your moto in life?

Live Laugh Love

Its something i think we all should do every day. Live life to its fullest, laugh, its the best medicine. Lastly love with all your heart.

I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about me.

Til next time my beauts xx

5 things to quit right now

These 5 things are going to make you happier if you stop doing them.


If you are trying to be a people pleaser all the time you really will start leading a sad life. It won’t do you any favours, you should be thinking of yourself and putting a smile on your face first.


When you are stuck in your ways and don’t venture out of your comfort zone you wont ever progress in life. You need to take a chance every once in a while, it won’t hurt you.


When you have things in the past control how you are living in the present, it stops you from enjoying what you should be. Leave the past where it belongs…behind you.


You should never ever put yourself down. You are enough, and you are a bloody wonderful human being. Remember this and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Once your mind goes into overdrive it’s hard to get back to your normal way of thinking without eliminating what’s got you there. The thing to do is don’t let yourself get there in the first place.

I hope this will help you if you do some of these

Til next time


I still wanted to do my podcasts this year simply because i know a few people who do listen to them really appreciate the advice and info i give in them.

So no matter how many people listened those couple that religiously listen it makes it all worthwhile.

Here is the links for this weeks episode on all these platforms.




Please do let me know if you listen in or if you enjoy them and any future ideas are always welcomed.

The podcast is every Wednesday.

Let’s get festive

Now that it’s December I’m trying to get myself into a christmassy kind of mood.

I don’t frown on anyone who wants to start getting their festivities going soon after Halloween.

We are all different.

So i I found out some red nail varnish and glitter top coat. I rarely wear the colour only around December so it makes it a little more special.

The christmas songs have already been on the radio a good few weeks. So i couldn’t help singing along to them.

One of my favourites that really gets me in the mood and singing is this one by The Pogues

Once we get the decorations down from the loft i will definitely be more like The Elf and less like The Grinch.

Here’s also wishing we have a bit of snow because snow at Christmas time is just magical.

Til next time

20 things you need to start doing

This is not a list of how to simplify your life it’s more of a how to make the best of a day and make it go more your way.

I’ve come up with 20 things I think will help you each day to have a great one so let’s get into them ( grab a pen and some paper ) feel free to copy and paste into a word document or your notes for future reference.

  1. Make your bed as soon as you get up, it’ll make your room look more put together and you won’t want to hop back in – (resist temptation)
  2. A glass of water first then tea or coffee. The water is kinder on your kidneys first thing and it’s an easy way to get fluid into you quickly.
  3. Set yourself 10 minutes each day to just be – whether you meditating, praying or journaling what comes to mind.
  4. Have a quick browse of the news on whatever app you get it from so you know what others are on about should it come up in conversation
  5. Wear something that makes you feel like you’re ready to conquer the world. Confidence will ooze out of you.
  6. Listen to uplifting music/podcasts that will get you in the mood for the day or whatever’s activities you have planned.
  7. Smile at least 2 people each day, you never know who’s day you will have made. If you don’t see anyone, walk past the mirror twice and smile.
  8. Look in the mirror and love at least one thing about yourself, the next day find something else you like about yourself. Self reflection will become self love.
  9. Call or message someone you love. It’s a wonderful feeling receiving it but you’ll feel a sense of warmth and happiness doing it in return.
  10. Eat food that makes you feel good. If you are on a diet give yourself a treat day/moment. Never deny something that makes you feel good.
  11. Make lists of things you need to accomplish for the day. Cut them down into small doable tasks and tackle them one by one.
  12. Stretch it out. Whether it’s doing a spot of yoga or pilates or just led on the floor or your bed stretching out each part of your body will leave you with less tension.
  13. Have a place on your phone where you store positive quotes that you can add to and go to when you are in need of that pick me up.
  14. Carry water with you and a healthy snack. Your body need nourishment throughout the day it can’t live on unhealthy things alone.
  15. shut your phone off for an hour and have some me time. It won’t harm you to just put your phone out of reach and be technology free. It’ll all still be there after.
  16. Take a hot shower/ bath after a stressful day. Everyone deserves time to unwind and have a relaxing soak. Leave those problems outside the bathroom door.
  17. Make some plans to do something with someone at least once a week. We all deserve a social life no matter how hectic life is. Make some memories.
  18. Think of 3 things you are grateful for each day. These things are what some people may yearn for so think yourself lucky for all you have.
  19. Before you go to sleep ( 30 mins before ) dim the lights, find something relaxing to do that doesn’t involve your phone/ tv. You need to get your body ready to rest.
  20. Sleep naked whenever you can – Believe me, it will give your body time to breathe after being cooped up in clothes all day.

Let me know which one is your favourite.

See you tomorrow and Happy Monday

To my blogger friends

Being a blogger really is amazing.

Never would i have thought i would come across such kind hearted people who are full of courage, ambition and strength.

Who i have never met but i feel you are a part of my life.

I love to read your posts – the variety of your topics keeps me coming back to admire it some more.

Keep being the fabulous blogger that you are.

Much love…Me 💕