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Sunny Summer Afternoon

As the sun positions himself in the sky it’s a nice time to just appreciate its beauty, not just for how hot it is but how it looks…

This pic was a fluke I just aimed it and hoped for the best because I’m not that silly to look directly at it I like my sight too much.


It was lucky the other day when we briefly had some sun I found out some summer dresses from the previous year. So a sundress was a lovely thing to be wearing on this glorious bank holiday weekend. I am currently sat in our back garden enjoying the sunshine. Excuse the awkward pose I couldn’t see my screen. Oh and thats my thumb i don’t have barn door ears.


What is a lovely summers day without a cracking playlist courtesy of Spotify. If you have been following my blog some time you know I love a bit of nostalgia so I picked this summer throwback playlist. My neighbours probably wondered who was singing like a cat pissing in a biscuit tin…one of my Mums sayings ha ha.

We have all different tulips in our flower bed but this one is one of my favourites it’s two-tone and we used to have these when I was younger in our old house. I will have to find a pic of little old me stood by them. I love the summer when there’s loads of pretty flowers but not when hayfever appears periodically.


How are you spending your bank holiday?

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That happy feeling

I may not be the best at photography and fancy flatlays . But one thing i am is passionate with my writing. Every word that’s written comes deep inside my heart. If i can inspire someone or make them smile then I’m a happy chappy.

They say do things in life that you enjoy and nothing feels better than helping someone whether it’s a bit of advice, something relatable or a funny story of mine that can cheer them up.

Just a short and sweet post

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An ideal girly day


So the morning starts with breakfast in bed on a lap tray if lucky bought in by your significant other before he dashes off to work


Once you’ve enjoyed your delicious breakfast you get your ass into the bathroom to start getting ready for the day. Starting with looking after your pearly whites.


Once you jump in the shower your phone rings, you see it’s your best mate so you can’t just leave it so you answer it trying to keep your modesty…even though nobody else is in the house. She wants to meet you so you hop on out.


A text comes through… ‘Are you ready?’

You quickly grab your phone and shoot a snapchat back at her saying won’t take too much longer.


While you are getting ready you can’t help but try that hair do you saw on Facebook or was it YouTube?


you’ve chosen your favourite pair of shoes and you are on out the door at last.


No matter how old you are some things never change and you act just as silly as you did when you were 12 years old.


After a fun-filled afternoon, a spot of shopping and a bite to eat you head on home.


Back home coffee in hand and feet up. Absolute bliss.


You admire the makeup that’s still on from this morning and then need to take it all off. what a chore.


You make a few to-do lists and then have a nosey on social media. life is good.


Finally, as soon as your head hits the pillow you are asleep. That’s when you know it has been a good day.


A different post from normal I know just experimenting a bit

Hope you enjoyed it