Hey Hey it’s a Q and A


I thought to finish off my week of blogging everyday I’d do a quick Q and A and then those of you that are new-ish followers can get to know me better

So let’s jump on in with the questions – some random some deep

  • Do you prefer to write with black or blue pen? Black it’s looks professional.
  • Would you rather live in the city or the country? The countryside it’s peaceful.
  • What was your favourite book as a child? The lion, witch and the wardrobe.
  • Which would you chose bath or shower? Bath, you can relax and unwind.
  • What’s your favourite item of clothing? My black suede ankle boots.
  • Do you have a favourite scent? Loverdose by Diesel – it smells bloody gorgeous.

  • Would you consider yourself a romantic? Very much so, love hugs and kisses.
  • Do you miss someone at the moment? Yes my brother who’s in heaven .
  • Have you met anyone famous? Yes Paul Hollywood 3 years ago, very yum.
  • Do you keep a diary or a journal? I keep both I love documenting stuff.
  • Describe yourself in one word? Talkative – since i could talk. My poor parents.
  • Which decade would you like to live in? The 60s, fab style and music.

  • What’s your favourite app to use? Pinterest of course, it’s so addictive.
  • What do you spend way too much money on? Skincare, want baby soft skin.
  • What event small or large changed your life? Being bullied made me stronger.
  • What is your dream career? A motivational speaker – share my experiences.
  • What’s your sexual orientation? I love who my heart chooses simple as that

If you reached here on a Sunday night without falling asleep well done you.

Roll on next week, hope yours is fab. I’ll see you in my next post.

Til then

What a scary experience


I’m currently writing to you from a hospital bed.

Friday morning i wasn’t feeling right, not poorly just a bit spaced out at times but thought nothing of it.

Then just before midnight on friday evening i was sat with my friend in my room and my vision started to go funny, i was staring almost like what happens before a seizure. My speech went slurred and within minutes my whole body was paralysed. An ambulance was called and there within 10 minutes.

I was so scared, i could hear everything but couldn’t open my eyes. It was like i was locked in my own body.

By 5am Saturday morning i could open my eyes,move my head, my mouth and my fingers. But i felt so helpless. I was being fed my breakfast and lunch. I wanted to just be able to do it myself.

At 4pm Saturday afternoon all that was paralysed was my right leg so i was able to move about in bed more freely.

However this morning i have been awake an hour and both legs are paralysed. This i am used to but i am petrified that the full body paralysis will happen again and what if I’m on my own?

I will be back regularly blogging when I’m back home having bed rest. I thought i would keep you all updated.

When friends turn toxic


Those friends who say they will be there for you in good times and bad, then when the going gets tough they are nowhere to be seen. If you don’t phone/text them they couldn’t give two hoots what your up to or how you’re doing.

There are also the friends that are nice to your face and bitch about you to others behind your back. You don’t need them, even if you have been friends for years. Friends don’t do that.

Here is a list of toxic people you need to eliminate from your life to make it better for you:

  1. Those who spread negativity
  2. Those who criticize you all the time
  3. Those who waste your time
  4. Those who are jealous
  5. Those who play the victim
  6. Those who don’t care
  7. Those who are self-centred
  8. Those that keep disappointing you


You need to look after yourself and if those people are more of a hindrance than help then you need to say bye-bye. Don’t think you are a horrible person because you’re anything but.

You can choose where you want those memories of them to go, to forget and bin them or to keep them stored away, the choice is yours.

I’ve always been taught to treat people as I want to be treated.

Chase your dreams


you are sat there and a Eureka moment happens, or you wake up and have the most wonderful idea running through your mind at a thousand miles an hour.

Quick, grab a pen and paper and get it down on there before it vanishes into thin air.

Put down as much detail as you can about your dream and plan on making it a reality. You know dreams don’t come true if you don’t put in a little effort. If only it was that easy


I am working towards one of my dreams right now. I am writing my second book. I already wrote one about my bullying at school/ a few years after. This time it’s going to be a poetry book as I absolutely love words with meaning. It’s going to be relatable to almost everyone hopefully. I am in the planning process so will keep you updated as I work towards achieving my dream.


Don’t let them pass you by. Your dream was given to you for a reason.

Of course, if they were bad dreams please don’t chase those, let them bugger off into nothingness. Only the good ones deserve your time.

In Gabrielle’s words….dreams can come true

Thanks for stopping by

Til next time…




What a lovely weekend


Although the weather wasn’t too great i managed to enjoy my weekend.

It started off with a visit from my future sister-in-law Kerry and my cute niece Daisy.


We had some entertainment with all the songs that Daisy is learning at nursery. Shes only 1 and a half I can’t get over how she remembers things and she pronounces my name beautifully now which totally makes me smile.

On Saturday evening I was invited out for a few drinks with some friends as there was some music on at our local pub. It was an excuse to dress up a little. Typical woman I dressed all in black all apart from my boots, which were these pink beauties.

I really had a good time and to top it off at the end of the night i had some cheese and chips. Haven’t had them in years but the takeaway was still open on the journey home so it was rude not to.

It was nice to go out and nobody made me feel crap about being in a wheelchair. Makes me feel more comfortable about going out again of a Friday or Saturday night.

Sunday was a nice pj day with some cheesy films on Netflix and Amazon prime video.

The only downside to the weekend was a biggish spot decided to land on my chin. Never mind that’s what concealer is for.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend

Dad I’ll never give up on you


A year ago I wrote Don’t forget me and it was very hard to write as it’s about my dear Dad who suffers from Vascular Dementia which is when its progressive and really takes a hold of the sufferer.

I now write about him again as in that time period I had only seen him once and it’s been heartbreaking.

Since my dad left my Mum 12 years ago he has been controlled by the person he went off with. Before he got ill in 2011 he would have to sneak behind her back to come see his 4 children.

We never get told if Dad is in hospital and she never answers the phone when we attempt to ring. I know he hasn’t forgot me because on Saturday I managed to find out from the hospital I was a patient in that dad was in there. So for about 15 mins I could have a loving Father and Daughter chinwag.

It may be the last time I see him because I went against his partner but she needs to remember he’s my Dad and was in my life before he was in hers.

I’ll never give up on him. He brought me into this world and I intend on not letting someone dictate to me when I can see my number one man.

Please fight for the people you love, they are worth fighting for.


Drunken Times – looking back



Nothing beats a night in with your Mum and your favourite tipple putting the world to rights and reminiscing about the days when I was always out on the razzle…

  • Having a big bottle of WKD before going on out…
  • putting on umpteen outfits before deciding the first one was just fine.
  • Not being able to have the music on too loud in my room as Dad would shout up he was trying to watch the TV. I didn’t record the top 40 for nothing.
  • Making sure you went to the bank sober to get out your money for the night as anything could happen if we were to go once we were fuelled with alcohol.

Some of my best nights out were with my sister…even though there’s an 8 year age difference it doesn’t seem it.

Our Dad would say you best wear a coat and my sister saying I don’t want to pay £3 to hang it up. She always got away with it but not me I took one and paid too. Being the baby of the family I was wrapped up in cotton wool.

When there was someone’s birthday it was an excuse to dress up and there was a fair few of us too so we were out in force.

Here are a few pics of me and my sis from the ages of 18 til about 23

How I have grown up and how I can look back and say I enjoyed my ‘Just Legal’ years and have plenty of stories to tell. I could probably fill a book with them actually

Now there’s an Idea for my next book.

Whatever you’ve been doing this weekend I hope you’ve got memories to keep.

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Til next time…


Dream it, Wish it, Do it


I bet there are things in life that you think if only… like a dream/wish you had and you wish it would come true.

Do you ever just have it as a thought and do nothing with it or do you yearn over it and put every effort into making it a reality?

My advice is this:

You were given this life so go live it, whatever your heart desires, whatever you dream of is NEVER out of reach. If you can’t stop thinking about it then its meant to be in your life so go for it. Grab it with both hands and if you fall upon the way get back up and carry on chasing that dream and make it happen.

There was once a little girl, who would sit in the hairdressers while her mum had her hair done with a pad in hand – writing her little heart out. Back then she wished she could write a book one day, one that someone would actually buy.

That little girl was me.

I did achieve my dream – I published a book last year and to tick off one of my accomplishments feels magical.

So don’t give up on your dreams, and when you make a wish blowing out the candles on your Birthday cake don’t just leave it be, if it doesn’t happen when you want it to then you know what you got to do.


Click here if you’d wish to read my book… it would mean a lot to me.

Right, I’m off for my chippy tea.

Laters my dreamers


March – Currently Loving


I actually can’t get over that its the end of March….this year is going so damn fast. You know this is one of my favourite types of posts to write – reflecting on the joyful things from the 3rd month.

  – So lets jump on in



I only bought this on Friday but I already have fallen in love with it. Primark are smashing it with their fragrances. This was £8 for 100ml – such a summery/ romantic scent. Definitely a must for an everyday perfume. I think I am going to have to get an atomiser so i can have some in my bag as the bottle is rather large.


This is a beaut of an album. Burlesque is one film I could watch time and time again, wishing I could dance like that. Cher and Christina are fab in it. The songs have quite a sensual beat. Different…but I like different. My favourite song has to be… The beautiful people.



I have mentioned Fearne on my blog a few times of late…only because I think she is an awesome human being. I love her outlook on a calm/reflective life. She has a pretty cool podcast out ‘Happy Place’ that never disappoints as she delves into the lives of some well-loved celebs. I follow her on Instagram too. Her stories on there are so relatable and that’s why I think I like her.

images (1)


This is new to me was never partial to a sausage (stop laughing) only a vegetarian one but for the last few times we have been out for a meal I have opted for a nice Cumberland one or two. Pair them with egg and chips and a dollop of mayo and it’s a real yummy dish. A bit unhealthy but everyone deserves a treat.

download (4)


I had been having some issues with my iPhone 6s for a while with the battery needing to be charged 3/4 times a day. I just had enough and found out how much was owing on my contract. It wasn’t a great deal so I upgraded to a Samsung and waved bye-bye to Apple. However, he is now more of a camera/iPod than a phone. The Samsung S8 is really fantastic I love the ease of it and the extras you can do on there and not on the iPhone. I obviously had to get it in pink cos that’s my colour.



This is such a simple quote but has a big meaning. I think that ordinary is boring and if you have something different to you than anyone else that’s what makes you extraordinary.

I hope you all have had a good March

Thanks for stopping by, til Next time…


I Cried Happy Tears


Last Thursday I cried some happy tears.

As most of you know I have been unable to sleep up in my own room since last July due to the paralysis episodes I have.

I have been waiting about 3 months for this to happen and its finally here…my stairlift to my boudoir 🙂

Every time I sit on it to go up I think of Mrs Deagul off the Gremlins and it tickles me and every time I come downstairs my Mum is sat there on the sofa we just laugh as I say to her – ‘I’ve arrived’


One small thing can make such a difference to someone’s life and this is mine. I now can go and have chill out time in my bedroom. Inbetween the episodes I can sit in my office and write until I can’t write no more. Its just made me feel a little bit more normal.


I will be back in a couple of days with a proper post I just wanted to update you with my happy news.

Much loves and I hope you are all having a fabulous week.

til next time…